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.264 Winmag bullet for hogs

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by jerkface11, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. jerkface11

    jerkface11 Well-Known Member

    I will be big hunting in some open country and will be using my .264 Winmag. I'm not sure which bullet to use. I have 125 and 140 gr partitions, 120 gr ballistic tips, 100 gr spire points, and 130 gr Norma match hollow points. Any suggestions on what will work best?
  2. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    I'd vote for the 125 and 140 gr Nosler Partitions at .264 velocity levels.

    They will get through a mud encrusted shoulder joint where less tough bullets might blow up on it.

  3. NCsmitty

    NCsmitty Well-Known Member

    Partitions, as the others may be too explosive if you happen to take a fairly close shot.

  4. jerkface11

    jerkface11 Well-Known Member

    I forgot I have a box of 160gr Norma Oryx I think I'll try them out.
  5. JimKirk

    JimKirk Well-Known Member

    I'd say look at this bullet, hogs around here are usually found in the deep woods and shots are almost always <100 yds. This bullet would drive right through a big hog and do some damage.


    Jimmy K
  6. Flintknapper

    Flintknapper Well-Known Member

    The 160 gr. would get my vote for the following reasons:

    A. You don't know what size hog you might encounter, could be 120 lbs, but might be 250 +

    B. The heavier bullet (if well constructed) will likely penetrate better, this is important since it affords you options in shooting angles. We'd all like to have the classic broadside standing shot, but hogs are rarely standing still for long. I would hate to have to pass up a shot just because a hog was facing me or quartering hard away.

    Note: The Nosler "partition" is an excellent bullet...but if I were going to use a 100-130 gr. bullet on hogs (at .264 velocities), I would choose a good mono-metal (all copper) bullet like the Barnes TSX.

    Good luck on your hunt, be safe.

  7. jerkface11

    jerkface11 Well-Known Member

    I bought out someones supply of 6.5 bullets so i have about 12 different kinds. As good as some of the other bullets you guys suggested might be I don't think I need to add any more.

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