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28 Ga. SXS????

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by HRT, Jul 2, 2005.

  1. HRT

    HRT Well-Known Member

    Ok guys and girls. I'm trying to get set for the upcoming quail and woodcock season and I kind of have my heart set on a 28 Ga SXS. I would like a legitimate 28 gage frame. I've seen some ads and articles on the CZ Bobwhite and Ringnecks, and am wondering if any of ya'll have any first hand experience with those shotguns. I'm not interested in a 410, shot too much skeet years ago when the 410 even when things were right just would not reliably break bird. Never had that problem with a 28 though. If you have any recommendations beside the CZs I'm willing to listen. I can parley my wife's trip to England, while I'm working like a Hebrew slave, into about a thousand bucks so there is my limit. Thoughts or recommendations????
  2. TaxPhd

    TaxPhd Well-Known Member

    Take a look at the Ugartechea guns. Lion Country should have one for a little more than you are thinking about. A grade one is $1,395, and a Grade two, with some engraving, is $1,595. Both of these are extractor guns.

  3. steveno

    steveno Well-Known Member

    I looked at a CZ 410 SXS and if it is any indication of quality I'm going to buy the 28 gauge when I see one. for $750 it is one heck of a shotgun
  4. Bullet Bob

    Bullet Bob Well-Known Member

    I just bought a CZ/Huglu Bobwhite in 28 gauge. Haven't shot it yet, but I like the looks of it. If you do a search, I posted some pictures about a week ago.
  5. steveno

    steveno Well-Known Member

    I forgot to mention that I had seen a BSA 20 gauge SXS at Cabela's and it also appeared to be very well made for $1,000. One of my mistakes with guns is that I had bought a Browning 12 gauge SXS at a gunshow for $300 (this has been some time ago). I got rid of it because at the time there wasn't anything but steel shotshells which you couldn't shoot in the Browning. Since then there shells there would have been safe in the Browning and even one in fair condition is worth $1,000. oh well
  6. huntsman

    huntsman Well-Known Member

    if gauge is more important to you then type gun,I would get a red label(o/u) and not look back.
    It seems to be the only really 28 gauged gun (o/u) scaled to the cartridge for your price.

    The Uggie would be first on my list if you really want a SXS.
    I'm always suspect of the turk/russian/southamerican imports.

    I think you'll be better off in the long run to spend more money for a higher quality SXS or try the o/u Ruger I think they're just the ticket over a pointer or behind a beagle for the uplands.
  7. HRT

    HRT Well-Known Member

    Do you think a 28 will work over a setter instead of a pointer?????LOL. I have an almost 2yr setter bitch who is coming on strong. Mom is a bird finding machine, baby and sister are coming on. I had a 3" BSS that I let get away several years ago, 28" f&M, single non selective trigger. I have missed that shot gun except for the tight chokes. I shoot a fair amount with O/U and pumps but really want a trim little 28 sxs.
  8. epijunkie67

    epijunkie67 Well-Known Member

    What kind of quality are you looking for? Do you want a nice gun or just a working gun that shoots well? I ask because I have a Kahn O/U I bought for less than $400 and a stoager SxS for about the same, both in 28 gauge. No, neither is heavy with inlay or etching but both seem to shoot just fine. Actually, they're both a blast to shoot. Are they top of the line? No, but they do good enough for the limited amount of shooting I do with them.

    Just something to consider.
  9. huntsman

    huntsman Well-Known Member

    "Do you think a 28 will work over a setter instead of a pointer?????LOL."

    oh yeah that's cool,but I don't know how you setter guys put up the long hair :) I had a springer for awhile and the wife drove me crazy with the vacumn ;) My GSHP's were about perfact for a field/house dog.

    Here's my dream 28 http://www.gsifirearms.com/gsif/pricing.asp?prod_id=31
    or maybe a 20 http://www.gsifirearms.com/gsif/pricing.asp?prod_id=70

    If I would quit spending money on gutiars and amps
    I'd be more than 1/2 way there :D
  10. HRT

    HRT Well-Known Member

    Long hair nothing.. Her grand dad is Tacoa Mountain Sunrise. Those Idaho setters really work with a short coat here in the humid south. Her coat is straight and only a little longer than most pointers but silky. Some feathers on the legs tail and ears. Loves to be with people when we sit down to rest or take a break. When we are up and moving she is hunting. Pictures when daughter gets back from her trip with the digital. She is a lot less trouble to clean up than my Brit. when it comes to clean up. On the 28 question that popped up earlier I am looking for a shotgun that I don't have to be embarassed by. Engraving and the like is not the ticket but able to take a couple thousand rounds a year. Something that is good for 3 or 4 cases a year on the skeet/sporting clays fields and then whatever I shoot up hunting. I am a working stiff so a grand comes pretty dear to me. In the end I want a shotgun that I can shoot and not worry about wearing out with reasonable use, as defined above, and still be worth handing down to my daughter or her children someday.
  11. Birdhunter59

    Birdhunter59 Member

    You may look at DeHaan they are a higher grade Huglu. The Bobwhite and Ringneck are nice shotguns as well. My brother-in-law has 2 ringnecks one in 28 and 1 in 12. I think they are a great gun for the money. You can get into a Dehaan for less that $1000.


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