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2nd annual "Black Rifle Convention"

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by tgreene, Mar 11, 2003.

  1. tgreene

    tgreene Member

    Black Rifle Convention
    June 5-8, 2003 -- Barry, IL

    This years event has been moved 30 miles up the road, to the world famous PASA Park in Barry, Illinois. PASA is one of the finest range facilities to be found anywhere, and routinly hosts many of the most prestigious shooting events in the world, such as Pan-Am Games, The Masters, S&W Invitational and the 2003 World 3-Gun Match, just to name a few...

    Last year, we held competitions at PASA, but this year, they are allowing us full use of the place. This allows us access to all of the 20+ seperate range venues, that are scattered around the 150 acre complex.

    We'll again have formal matches, machinegun rentals, vendors, open line shooting, classes, and more than ever before possible.

    For additional info, visit BRC Forums and www.rifle-convention.com -- As a number of things have changed this year (including location), some of the info will not be up to date, but we're working to correct this as quickly as humanly possible.

    * Despite the name, this is not only for black rifles, but open to all weapon types!
  2. TarpleyG

    TarpleyG Well-Known Member

    I am so tired of my black rifle being discrimenated against. Aren't y'all?

  3. bogie

    bogie Well-Known Member

    Can we camp on site.

    My Stolle Panda is in a black Lee Six stock...
  4. tgreene

    tgreene Member

    For safety and liability reasons, onsite camping is not going to be feasible this year, although there are several campgrounds very near the range.
  5. MedCop

    MedCop Member

    Camping will be available at Heartland Lodge. I believe the cost is $10 per night. Plenty of space available for camping, but no water or electric hook ups for RV's or Trailers.

    Hearland Lodge is only about 30 miles from the event. I camped at Heartland last year and really enjoyed camping down at the lower lodge by the lake.

  6. 55645

    55645 Active Member

    Well it's a good thing that it is planned for June because by August being caught with a black rifle (or almost any semi-auto)in Illinois will get you a class 3 felony conviction.
  7. MedCop

    MedCop Member

    SB1195 is going into its second reading and has not been passed.

  8. Jeff OTMG

    Jeff OTMG Well-Known Member

    I love the changes they are making in the proposed legislation. It will exempt cops and manufacturers (Baer and Armalite) from the ban. Sure wish you would move this event to a pro-gun state. I wouldn't buy a bag of potato chips in an anti-gun state because the anti's would use the tax revenue to ban guns.

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