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2nd annual "Black Rifle Convention"

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by MedCop, May 1, 2003.

  1. MedCop

    MedCop Member

    2nd annual "Black Rifle Convention"
    Black Rifle Convention June 5-8, 2003 -- Nebo, IL

    For the second year in a row, we've leased Heartland Lodge, a 2000 acre hunting resort in the Midwest, to be our host for the annual "Black Rifle Convention". With this centralized location being only an hour from St. Louis, it makes it a breeze to get to from just about anywhere in the United States.

    Our goal is simple; to provide a total family atmosphere that will gain the attention of shooters and non-shooters alike, in the attempt to gain a greater membership base for the shooting world as a whole.

    While simple, our approach is also very unique, as we are striving to be a little bit of Knob Creek, a little bit of Camp Perry and a whole lot of local County Fair mixed in.

    Some of the sponsors for this year include East Ridge / State Arms, Alchemy Arms, Cavalry Arms, Model-1 Sales, Williams Trigger Specialties, Defensive Edge, Shotgun News, M16 Pit Tail, and many more.

    Defensive Edge will be hosting a variety of classes including AR15 / M16 armorer course, self defense, and a variety of shooting related classes.

    For more information and to register please visit: www.rifle-convention.com

    Or come by www.gun-talk.com and visit the BRC thread.

    We'll again have formal matches, machinegun rentals, vendors, open line shooting, classes, and more than ever before possible.

    * Despite the name, this is not only for black rifles, but open to all weapon types!

    Camping will be available on the grounds. For additional camping and hotel information go to:

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  2. MedCop

    MedCop Member

    This Year, 2 Grand Prize 50bmg's Have Been Donated By:

    Larry Lyle of "East Ridge / State Arms Co."

    The laminated rifle is being used for the raffle, and the tactical rifle will be a door prize . For additional information about these 2 Grand Prizes, please visit East Ridge / State Arms Co. www.statearms.com



    Numerous other raffle and door prizes will be given away including firearms, accessories, and various other firearm related prizes.

    To register, purchase raffle tickets, and to see a complete list of sponsors visit www.rifle-convention.com
  3. MedCop

    MedCop Member

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  4. MedCop

    MedCop Member


    The following classes / courses are being offered by Defensive Edge at the BRC!

    AR15/M16 Armoring "Lower Receiver Assembly" (2-3 hours) THUR 9-12

    AR15/M16 Armoring "Upper Receiver Assembly" (2-3 hours) THUR 1-4

    AR15/M16 Detailed Maintenance (1 hour)THUR 4-5

    Equipment Needed: AR15 available - not required

    Women’s Handgun (2-3 hours)FRI 9-12
    ammo: at least 150 rounds

    Shooting / Handgun for All (2 hours) FRI 1-3
    ammo: at least 150 rounds

    Defensive Handgun Tactics (2 hours)(a little higher speed) FRI 3-5
    ammo: at least 150 rounds

    Equipment Needed: Holster / Extra Magazines / Handgun / ammuniton requirement below course

    Women’s Self Defense (2 hours)- Friday Evening after ranges close

    Shooting / Carbine Rifle for All (2 hours) standing/loading/sitting/malfunctionsSAT 10-12
    ammo: at least 150 rounds

    Shooting While Moving (2 hours) SAT 1-3
    ammo: at least 150 rounds

    Carbine Positional Shooting (2 hours) prone/kneeling/sitting/rollover/etc SAT 3-5
    ammo: at least 150 rounds

    Equipment needed: Extra Magazines / Sling helpful, ammunition requirmentments below course

  5. bogie

    bogie Well-Known Member

    Who else is planning on going?

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