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2nd Model Dragoon

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by Thaenatos, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. Thaenatos

    Thaenatos New Member

    I have a new one fresh out of the box and had a question about disassembly.

    I can get the wedge out, but after that, is the barrel assembly supposed to just pull forward off of the frame?

    This is my first BP revolver, so I'm looking forward to becoming a gunsmith..

    If it is, then mine is acting stubborn. Am I missing an important bolt or pin, or is it just binding from the factory?

    It's an Uberti
  2. Steve499

    Steve499 Well-Known Member

    It's probably just new and tight. It should just slide forward when the wedge is out. If it is stubborn, you can place a flat piece of wood over the chamber under the rammer and use the rammer as a lever to move the barrel forward.

  3. Thaenatos

    Thaenatos New Member

    One more that I haven't seen the answer to:

    Are there any adverse effects to the gun if I switch out between black powder and a conversion kit cylinder to .45 long colt and back again, ie will switching back and forth be bad?
  4. Franco2shoot

    Franco2shoot Well-Known Member


    If my experience helps, I have found that all Uberti's are exceptionally well made WRT all their replica's. I have the 1858 Remington, and regularly shoot the .45LC at the range with only the last 30 or 40 minutes devoted to BP. In the past this was due to the time it took to load up and the fact that I had not discovered THR. I always had trouble with the cylinder binding and struggled to remove the center pin. Dolt that I was, I was using normal gun oil. Last week I switched to Crisco/Canola and had no problems. As soon as I get back out to a good BP gun store, I'm going with Ballisoil and the next step will be to create the paper cartridges to further cut down on loading time.

  5. dwave

    dwave Well-Known Member

    Hey Steve, You really don't need a piece of wood, I just use the cylinder. I put the gun at half cock and rotate the cylinder to where I need it and then use the loading lever. I suppose if you are worried about scratching the cylinder then wood would be best, but I am not worried about it with my gun.
  6. sjohns

    sjohns Well-Known Member

    ditto with dwave

    so I guess you can take from that, that its a common problem.

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