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3 Gun, IPSC, IDPA in Alabama???

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by AL-GUNNER, Aug 19, 2005.


    AL-GUNNER Active Member

    I am looking to get started in any of these but have not found anything around the Huntsville area. Will travel either north or south if needed.

  2. W Turner

    W Turner Well-Known Member

    There is an IDPA group that is based in Huntsville. They run matches all over north alabama, including two at Larry's in Huntsville, one in Arab and one in Hartselle. Many of the guys that shoot with them also shoot in our monthly matches in Sheffield,AL which is about 1hr and 15min. away.

    Actually the Sheffield shoot is tomorrow. If you would like directions. PM or email me.

  3. Jim Watson

    Jim Watson Well-Known Member

    The Tactical Training Group, based in Huntsville, puts on IDPA matches as follows:
    First and Third Tuesday evenings at Larry's Pistol & Pawn's indoor range, signup at 6:00 pm as the store and lane rental close.
    First Saturday morning at Arab Rifle & Pistol club.
    Fourth Saturday morning at Hartselle Gun Club.

    I MD IDPA "style" shoots on the Third Saturday morning at the North Ala. Shooting Assn, in Sheffield. Or you can go to Heritage in Argo (near Irondale east of Birmingham.)

    The Second Saturday is IDPA day at Steel City in Hoover, (Birmingham suburb.)

    IDPA is also shot near Boaz and in Manchester, TN which are in reasonable travel of Huntsville though I don't recall their schedules offhand. IDPA is starting up in Albertville with two evening shoots under their belt.

    Some of those locations are shown at:

    Others can be found through the Club Information section of

    IPSC/USPSA is shot at Heritage in Argo, at the FOP range in Pleasant Grove (Birmingham suburb) and I think in Manchester.

    The USPSA Alabama Section has information on them
    and you might could find some more, overlapping into Tennessee at

    There is a guy name of Jeff Cramblit putting on 3-gun shoots in North Ala.

    Will that get you started?

    We will be shooting in Sheffield tomorrow morning at 0900, our location is on the geocities site. See you there.

    AL-GUNNER Active Member

    Thanks for the fast and detailed responses. Does anyone need a practice partner or teach someone new to the game?
  5. feudist

    feudist Active Member

    moss branch range in anniston does ipsc,as does fop range in pleasant grove(just outside b'ham)and steel city in hoover.jeff cramblitt is a gm with his own range in h'ville.he's an excellent instructor.

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