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30-06 scope POLL

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Cody21, Feb 2, 2013.


Best scope for 30-06

Poll closed Mar 4, 2013.
  1. Weaver Classic V 3-9x40

    5 vote(s)
  2. Vortex Diamonback 3-9x40

    6 vote(s)
  3. Redfield Revolution 3-9x40

    12 vote(s)
  4. Burris Fullfield 3-9x40

    8 vote(s)
  5. Nikon Prostaff 3-9x40

    14 vote(s)
  6. Other - COMMENT

    18 vote(s)
  1. Cody21

    Cody21 Member

    Well, I, going to get a Ruger American chambered in 30-06. What is the most durable, rugged, and reliable scope under 200 bucks?
  2. jmr40

    jmr40 Well-Known Member

    Right at $200, get a Leupold VX-1. None of the others are anywhere near the same level of ruggedness. They might have a slightly clearer image, but only by a hair. If you have to keep it under $200 then the Redfield.
  3. Joemyxplyx

    Joemyxplyx Well-Known Member

    Here's an interesting comparison of these selfsame scopes. http://opticsthoughts.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=29:qinexpensive-scopeq-comparison&catid=4:rifle-scope-reviews&Itemid=4

    I bought a Diamondback with BDC reticle based on the article. It really does have a noticeably wider field of view than the others which is a very good thing.

    I can't speak to ruggedness since I haven't shot with the scope yet due to rotator cuff surgery. In about 6 more months I'll be back to shooting, dropping my rifles and falling down on nasty terrain so I'll be better able to speak to the subject then.
  4. Abel

    Abel Well-Known Member

    VX-1 or Redfield
  5. allaroundhunter

    allaroundhunter Well-Known Member

    A Leupold VX-1 or Rifleman would be my choice, they are both right at $200.

    If not, then I have never looked through (and used) a Nikon Prostaff that I didn't like.
  6. NYGlock

    NYGlock Active Member

    The Nikon Buckmaster can be had for $200. I haven't used the Prostaff, but I believe the Buckmaster is clearer and better in lower light.
  7. slowr1der

    slowr1der Well-Known Member

    Seeing the poll results, it's obvious that the majority of the guys that voted for the Redfield haven't owned the Burris or Vortex. I've owned a Redfield as well as several Burris FFII's, a couple of Prostaffs, and several others in that price range and imo the Burris or the Vortex are by far the best scope for the money in that price range. The Burris is my favorite, and has great glass that's quite a bit better than the Nikon or Redfield, along with great durability, and good turrets. To be honest, I have 2 Monarchs as well and imo the FFII's have better glass than the Monarchs as well. I just don't think you could ask for much more in a hunting scope. It would be my choice and the Vortex Diamondback would be a close second choice.
  8. ourichie

    ourichie Well-Known Member

    Leupold Mk4 Tac 4.5-14x40 or 50

    Rock solid. I love the Mil-Dot

    Took a spring black bear at about 375y with a Win M70 .30-06 up in Canada in 2008.

    Dont remember the bullet type, I still have the slug. Through the breadbasket and lodged in the shoulder blade.

    +EDIT+ IIRC, it was 180gr Federal Vital-Shok


    Last edited: Feb 3, 2013
  9. ColtPythonElite

    ColtPythonElite Well-Known Member

    2 bills will buy a nice used Leupold...Good luck might even make it a VX II.
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2013
  10. savanahsdad

    savanahsdad Well-Known Member

    Shepherd :what: oh wait , you said under $200.00, Nikon !! I have 3 of them one even has a dent in it and still holds zero, and has never fogged up , pluss if you go with a BDC the Nikon is the only one with circles you look through , the others have dots that block your target ,
  11. wyohome

    wyohome Well-Known Member

    I picked the Vortex only because I just bought one and HOPE it works out well. Very clear, no problems yet.
  12. Nico Testosteros

    Nico Testosteros Well-Known Member

    I really like my Burris Fulfield 2. In fact I bought another after my mother in law bought me one.
  13. chas08

    chas08 Well-Known Member

    A Leupold VX-II in 3x9x40 sits atop mine! it was only $225 when I bought it!
  14. Coltdriver

    Coltdriver Well-Known Member

    You can get a VX II used for $200. Vastly better than anything in your list and comes with a lifetime warranty. Rifles may come and go but once you get excellent glass you will keep it forever.
  15. skoro

    skoro Well-Known Member

    I have a 3-9x40 Nikon Team Primos on my 30-06 and like it a lot. And there isn't a bad choice on your list. You'd probably be pleased with any of them. I voted for the Weaver, though. Because I have several Weavers and they seem to offer the best overall quality for the price, in my experience.
  16. mstirton

    mstirton Well-Known Member

    I had the same on my 700BDL 30-06 but the Burris FF2 allowed me to mount a little further back for better fit without messing with my whole mounting set-up. The Nikon TP is a Monarch and I didn't feel I lost much (if anything) putting the FF2 on there. I can't imagine why someone would recommend the Prostaff over a FF2. For that matter, I can't see why people like the VX1 just because it says Leupold on it. I shot a few rifles with VX1 and VX2 scopes and the VX1 doesn't come close to FF2, Buckmasters, or 3200 Elites that I've used. Maybe I just looked through a few bad ones.

    ETA: I didn't vote for it since I don't have one, but the Weaver is pretty tempting from what I read.
  17. Picher

    Picher Well-Known Member

    I'd save up another hundred and buy a Leupold VX2. I think you can still get them for $300 on various websites. Don't shortchange yourself by buying less scope than you really want.

    That said, if you absolutely can't pay $100 more, buy the Burris or Redfield.
  18. Inebriated

    Inebriated Well-Known Member

    I personally like Nikon a lot. Among others, I've been using the Prostaff that came on one of my Savages for a while now, and it's an impressive little scope, given its price. The BDC reticule is what I really love, but the clarity is good during the day and in the woods, and it's been dropped a couple times, and hasn't lost zero.
  19. BruceB

    BruceB Well-Known Member

    Why handicap yourself with 3-9X?

    The '06 is a big-game cartridge. The odds of needing a close-range shot are very high, and a 2-7X is a better choice. Perhaps not a BIG difference, but the lesser bulk and weight of a 2-7X can be important. The cost is also less, for equal quality. Generally, 2-7X sights are roughly the size and weight of a fixed-4X scope.

    Big game animals that are IN REASONABLE RANGE do not need much magnification, and I find that the 7X setting is ample for paper-target work.

    I suggest a Leupold/Redfield 2-7X, which in these parts costs about $140.00. I bought two of them, and they are working fine. Going to anything cheaper than this would be a mistake, I believe.
  20. 2ndtimer

    2ndtimer Well-Known Member

    I agree with this post, other than having run a pair of Burris Fullfield II's for years, I would opt for the Burris in the $200 price range. If you are lucky, you can find them well under that price.
    Also if you can scrape up the extra $100, there are better options. My last 2 scope purchases were a Leupold VX-2 3-9 and a Zeiss Conquest 3-9, each of which I got for less than $300.:D

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