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30-30 youth load

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by DonOK, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. DonOK

    DonOK Member

    I would like to load something for my 12 year old daughter. The Hogden loads are for 4895. I have H380 and 4350 on hand. I cannot find any recommendations for 380 and only one recommendation for 4350. It was a regular load not for kids. What would happen if I used these powders at low rates?

  2. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

    IMR's SR 4759 or Accurates 5477. Both are very bulky and designed for reduced loads in rifle calibers.

    Can't help you with the ones you mentioned.

    Welcome to THR
  3. Marlin 45 carbine

    Marlin 45 carbine Well-Known Member

    my Lee data book lists 380 and 4350 both at 38 gr MAX w/a 150 gr slug.
    I'm a newby at 30-30 but I'll bet you could load a 110 gr M1 carbine slug at say 30 grs of either for a mild recoiling load that still would have some 'zip'.
  4. DonOK

    DonOK Member

    What is the risk in loading smaller amounts of these powders?
  5. chevyforlife21

    chevyforlife21 Well-Known Member

    it could send the bullet half way stuck down the barrel if theres isnt enough powder then you might not even know the bullet is lodged in the barrel then you could chamber the next round pull the trigger then BOOM.
  6. BossHaug

    BossHaug Well-Known Member

    If you are looking for a reduced recoil load for her, I would recommend you look into IMR Trail Boss with cast lead bullets. I have had great success with Trail Boss and gas checked cast lead bullets in my 30-06. Very little recoil, and very accurate.
  7. Gadzooks Mike

    Gadzooks Mike Well-Known Member

    You didn't say what bullet you'd want to use or what you want to do with the loads. Is this for plinking or hunting? Anyway, here's a couple loads from one of the Speer loading guides:

    150 gr Speer Flat SP 30 grains H380 1675 fps
    150 gr Speer Flat SP 32 grains H-4350 1690 fps

    If you're using lead bullets, you have a few more options, as they're less likely to get stuck in the barrel with lighter loads.

    Hope this helps and please verify the loads above in case of mistypes!
  8. Nicodemus38

    Nicodemus38 Well-Known Member

    how does she handle standard production 30-30 ammunition? most of the commercial fodder from winchester has almost no recoil in a 336, so just anidea.
  9. DonOK

    DonOK Member

    Thanks for all the responses.

    I am looking for a hunting round, deer and hogs. I definitely do not want a bullet stuck in the barrel or to be unsafe. I reload some with a friend, mostly the two calibers that we shoot (22-250 and 270 WSM). That is why I only have the two powders.

    I do not fully understand the differences in all the powders that are produced, and why some are so much better for certain applications. I am taking in all advice. In a bind I may try the "managed recoil" factory loads, but it is not as satisfying as doing it myself.
  10. DonOK

    DonOK Member


    We have not shot our 30-30 yet, which is a 336. It is getting drilled and tapped for a scope base. She shoots my 22-250 A-bolt pretty well. Also, I am looking at a recoil reducer in the stock. I have heard that they really help. The standard factory loads may be OK, I just do not want to start bad habits.
  11. Remo-99

    Remo-99 Well-Known Member

    Depending on the size of game to be hunted, 125gr hollow flatpoints loaded with starting load data may produce much lower recoil also.

    The cowboy load data for Trail Boss and hardcast lead bullets would be ideal for youngsters to get accustomed to shooting the rifle, but they don't make a suitable hunting load.

    Just some thoughts for ya.
  12. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    Burn rate of the powder determines if it is suitable for very light reduced loads or not. Slower powders & ball powders may not burn reliably / consistently at very low pressure.

    The intro to the Hodgdon Youth Load data says:

    "We chose H-4895 because it is the slowest burning propellant that ignites uniformly at reduced charges."

    Both your H-380 and H-4350 are slower burning powders then H-4895.
    In addition, H-380 is ball or sperical powder, which makes it even harder to ignite at low pressure.

    Relative burn rate chart lists:
    H-4895 as #70. (Stick type)
    H-380 as #85. (Sperical type)
    H-4350 as #92. (Stick type)

  13. flipajig

    flipajig Well-Known Member

    Dont Quoat me but im loading IMR3031 32 grn under 130 grn speer hot core Running around 2100 rpm out of my 30-30 1 1/2'' at 100 yds. this is working out of my gun dont know about yours..
  14. Sam1911

    Sam1911 Moderator

    When I first loaded hunting rounds for my sister when she was about that age, we used a Sierra 125 gr. hollow-point. over a starting load of IMR 3031.

    The combination was accurate in our old '94, and did a fine job on deer that year at close range.


    [EDIT: Yeah, sounds just like what flipajig just said.]
  15. achildofthesky

    achildofthesky Well-Known Member

    You may consider a 125gr Sierra FHP or a Speer 130 FP. Both shoot well in 3 marlins I tried them in and recoil is very modest even with full charges under them. I used H4895 for most of my loads...

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