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.300 Winchester Magnum

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by sprice, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. sprice

    sprice Well-Known Member

    Should I replace my 300 wsm with this cartridge? I wish to own only four bolt actions: a new winchester 70 in 300 win mag, an old, used, winchester 70 in 30/06, and a remington 700 in .308 win; are these good choices? How do the calibers rate against eachother? How well does the .300wm work? any hunting stories?

    hahaha, oh yeah! I forgot to put up the .22 bolt action!
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  2. jbech123

    jbech123 Well-Known Member

    That's only 3:)
    In any case, it depends alot on what it is you are doing as to whether those choices are good. Do you spend 90% of your time at the target range? Is your passion hunting elk in the mountains? Whitetail in Iowa? On the surface there would seem to be too much overlap. 308 and 30-06 are very similar, you can go with a bit heavier bullet in the 06, but again depending on what you are doing that may be a non-issue. Honestly if hunting in North America and you don't plan on going after Brown or Polar bears, the 30-06 will do everything you need out to 500 yards, which unless you practice ALOT, is farther than you should shoot anyhow.
    Unless you plan on hunting big bears, or really plan on serious long range hunting, there is little real difference in the field between the 3 rounds you mention, or the 300wsm for that matter. At 300 yards any of them will kill an elk or deer dead if you hit them where you should.
    For me personally, the 4 rifle battery is split up like this:
    --Rem LTR 223, fun target/varmints.
    --Rem 5R 308, more serious target work to 1K
    --Kimber montana 308, general hunting
    --Win 70 classic, 375 h&h, elk(overkill I know), black bear, occasional grizzly(I've been to alaska twice hunting them).
    I own other rifles, but if I had to live with 4 bolt guns this would be my setup.

    More recoil than the average guy needs, especially if you spend time shooting from a bench and/or you have a lightweight rifle. Ballistically it is a great round and will flatten anything on this continent with proper bullet placement and choosing the appropriate bullet for the task at hand.
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  3. NCsmitty

    NCsmitty Well-Known Member

    Are you unhappy with the 300WSM? It's a near twin to the Win Mag and to me, swapping without a good reason doesn't make sense. That said, one really does not need a reason to purchase a new rifle. It's just that the WSM and Win mag are redundant. It's your call.
    It would seem to me that your collection is lacking a lighter varmint/ deer round such as a 243 Win or 25-06. They are fun calibers that reach out.

  4. Geno

    Geno Well-Known Member

    You wouldn't be changing anything...they are all .308 cal.

  5. sprice

    sprice Well-Known Member

    the 300 wsm is just expensive
  6. hardluk1

    hardluk1 member

    The 308 or 3o-06 will take anything in north america with some of bullets around today. I can't even thing why i would by a 300wsm to begin with. A good 22 ,, a 308 and something to play at long range, maybe a custom 6.5/284 nothing more is needed.The 6.5 could be a savage 12 series creedmore or like gun. Oh ya , a 12 gauge with a slug scoped barrel and muli choke barrel for every thing else.
  7. usmc1371

    usmc1371 Well-Known Member

    I have killed elk deer black bear rabbit crow etc with a 30-06 and never had a problem. I now shoot a 300wm for elk and IMHO it does hit them a little harder but it hits me harder to, the 300wsm is pretty much the same as 300wm its just newer. The diffrance between the 300's and a 308? When I had a shot at a nice bull elk in idaho on the last day of an expensive hunt and he was 340 yds away and facing almost stright away I was glad I had the extra energy of the 300. Bullet struck just infornt of back right leg and stoped just under the hide by the front left shoulder. Would a 308 drive a bullet through 4 feet of elk maybe yes but I wouldn't want to bet two months of combat pay on it. That being said a bigger gun is only better if you shoot it just as well as a smaller one if not there is no point. I don't think many animals will know the dif between a 300 and a 30-06 inside of 400 yds and the hunter who can make an honest shot at 400+ is few and far between. I have killed over a dozen elk and most have been inside of 100 yds, getting close is half the fun.
  8. What NC Smitty said!

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