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.308 168 grain/ RL15 reload?

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Victor1Echo, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. Victor1Echo

    Victor1Echo Well-Known Member

    I am trying to zero in my new 308. I broke in the barrel and almost zeroed in the scope when I noticed the mount had come loose. Locktite, and back to the range but I all I had was random ammo. So I had a few handloads, made a few adjustments to the scope. The loaded some Golen Bear. Only one of those even hit the paper. SO now I have plenty of brass to reload. I have NOsler 168 grn/ Green tips, RL15 powder. So My lst loads were with 42 grns of RL 15. Nosler guide mentions up to 44 grns, and as low as 40grns. Any suggestions before I get started?Thanks.
  2. WNTFW

    WNTFW Well-Known Member

    Check this out:

    Off the top of my head:
    I am currently using 44.3 grains RL15 with a different 168 grain bullet. That is already over what you have listed as max.
    Of course I worked up to the load and each gun is different.

    I have only shot a few so that is not a final number but so far it has been the best. I went to the range yesterday but the wind was so bad I left my .308 in the truck and saved the ammo for a better day.

    What rifle is it? Just curious.
  3. Victor1Echo

    Victor1Echo Well-Known Member

    REM 700 sps tactical
    I am going to check out that link. Thanks.
  4. ricehombre

    ricehombre Well-Known Member

    I using 165gr Nosler BT's and 45 RL 15 in a Tikka tactical. Shoots .25 moa. But this OAL is to fit a clip so it is well off the lands. Pressure may vary considerable with your rifle. Your right by starting low and easing up. Matter of fact mine started grouping good at 43.5.
  5. madd0c

    madd0c Well-Known Member

    I use 44gr RL15 for Sierra MK 168 gr HPBTs in a Tikka T3 tactical. Very accurate round.

    Just like Rich, I can only seat out to 2.835 to fit the magazine.

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