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.308 lever action ?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by stevek, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. stevek

    stevek Well-Known Member

    Would like to add either another shotgun or rifle to the family. Long gun calibers currently consist of .22LR, .357, .45 LC, 5.56, 7.62 x 39, .308, and 12 ga. Would prefer to not add another caliber to stock. Any recommendations for a .308 lever action? Will be used for self-defense and possibly some hunting. Please keep discussion to lever action arms only...
  2. jeepnik

    jeepnik Well-Known Member

    Take a look at the Browning BLR.
  3. cal30_sniper

    cal30_sniper Well-Known Member

    Savage 99.
  4. BCCL

    BCCL Well-Known Member

    ^Yep, I do not believe there are any other .308 lever guns but those mentioned above.
  5. Reloadron

    Reloadron Well-Known Member

    A Browning BLR or also as mentioned a Savage Model 99 or you could look for a Winchester Model 88. The latter two having been out of production for quite some time but both good rifles. Those are my guesses anyway.

  6. BCCL

    BCCL Well-Known Member

    Thanks for mentioning the Winchester 88, did not know Winchester had made a lever action box magazine gun!
  7. Reloadron

    Reloadron Well-Known Member

    You are welcome.

    Nice rifles too. :)

    Lately I am seeing them getting pretty high priced. My brother snagged a nice minty one with two magazines for $600 and that was actually a pretty good deal around here in NE Ohio. The Savage 99 is another one I like as to a good older rifle.

  8. wyohome

    wyohome Well-Known Member


    1st year 4 digit serial #
  9. bjs1187

    bjs1187 Well-Known Member

    +1 blr. Awesome gun.
  10. tahoe2

    tahoe2 Well-Known Member

    I already have a 99, so I would get the BLR in the lightweight version.
  11. Greenmachin3

    Greenmachin3 Well-Known Member

    If you can find one and feel like being a little eccentric, the Sako Finnwolf came in both .308 and .243 if I recall correctly.

    So that's yet one more .308 lever action option other than the Browning BLR, Savage 99, and Winchester Model 88.
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2013
  12. newfalguy101

    newfalguy101 Well-Known Member

    Another vote for the '99.

    If I could find another for myself for a decent ( read that cheap ) price, I would jump on it!!
  13. RainDodger

    RainDodger Well-Known Member

    I had a pristine Winchester Model-88 for many years. It's a great hunting rifle and accurate enough for that use. It's not a target rifle in my opinion, but it shoots well. With the factory recoil pad (or lack thereof) it's not something you're going to want to shoot a lot at the range... it's a great rifle for hunting though, and handles well.

    Edit: look for an older one if you go this way, as the newer ones have stamped, basket weave checkering. The older ones (mine had a 4-digit serial number) have traditional cut checkering.
  14. BCCL

    BCCL Well-Known Member

    Man those are some fine rifles!
  15. T.R.

    T.R. Well-Known Member

    As I recall, the Browning BLR rifle was introduced about 1970. That's 43 years of continuous production and sales. Over the years, there have been improvements and changes. BLR is a keeper!


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