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308 Saiga

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by 303 hunter, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. 303 hunter

    303 hunter Well-Known Member

    I am thinking about buying a Saiga in 308. A carbine length 308 would be a great short to medium range deer rifle; besides I just want one! I need feedback on scope mounting, trigger pull, accuracy, any details.
  2. Cal-gun Fan

    Cal-gun Fan Well-Known Member

    Plenty of options for scope mounting. If you convert it, triggers fine, several aftermarket options. Accuracy, about 2-4 MOA.
  3. Ranger30-06

    Ranger30-06 Well-Known Member

    Scope mounting: Use a side rail that clamps in with 3 hex screws. I had a quick detach one that only clamped down in the middle, and after 3 shots it would go flying off of the gun. :uhoh: Make sure you get a good scope or red dot sight too, as the recoil can be quite hefty with some loads.

    Trigger pull: From the factory, it's terrible. It's mushy and very long. If you convert it however, the trigger is out of this world (I use a Tapco g2).

    Accuracy: Excellent with anything but the factory iron sights. Mind you, that front post covers about 6" at 100 yards, so a scope or red dot sight is crucial. If you take a look around on this site, there are several people reporting excellent results at 100 yards, and it is pretty common to see people making hits out to 600 yards on Youtube.

    Other quirks: I find the best mags are made by CSSPECS. They are literally indestructible. Also, under no circumstances should you put a muzzle break on this gun. The concussion from a 16" barrel is unbelievable to anyone that isn't shooting the gun, and there's no need to make it louder. Screaming "fire in the hole" before shooting isn't a bad idea either... :D
  4. Darkbob

    Darkbob Well-Known Member

    There's a lot of info available in this thread. Apparently they can be very accurate, definitely enough for a deer rifle. I don't own one yet, but its high on my list.
  5. Adam123

    Adam123 Well-Known Member

  6. csspecs

    csspecs Well-Known Member

    The factory trigger is kinda rough.. But I have held a saiga .308 with a polished factory trigger that worked very well. Tapco trigger is also pretty good, and what I have in mine.

    Of the low cost side rail mounts I'd suggest the UTG mount with the three screws, the one with the quick lock is a little less solid... Higher end mounts do deliver a little more accuracy as they mount lower and tend to move less.

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