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.308win load data for Nossler Ballistic Tip w/4064 needed...

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by UKWildcatFan, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. UKWildcatFan

    UKWildcatFan Well-Known Member

    Loading these hunting bullets for a Ruger American Rifle. Yes, I've consulted my load books, but I don't see anything for this specific bullet. What loads have you done with this bullet using 4064 powder?

  2. kelbro

    kelbro Well-Known Member

    Try 41.5 - 43.5gr in 0.5gr increments. You will find 'the load' in there. Guaranteed.
  3. morcey2

    morcey2 Well-Known Member

    Which bullet weight? 125, 150, 165/168, or 180?

    loaddata.com list a range of 44-48 for the 150, 40.5-44.5 for the 165/168, and 40-44 for the 180. That's all with IMR-4064, Winchester case, and fed 210M primer.

  4. UKWildcatFan

    UKWildcatFan Well-Known Member

    Sorry, 150g
  5. UKWildcatFan

    UKWildcatFan Well-Known Member

    ...and we're using Lake City brass, so I've removed the crimp and have read to reduce my loads by at least 5%.
  6. TheCracker

    TheCracker Well-Known Member

    Have you tried looking on the Hodgon website for load data? I'm 99.9% sure their load data actually says 150 grain NBT. Its been a few months but I worked up a load of varget (46 grains is what mine likes best) for my new 308 Ruger American with the 150 grain NBT.

    Btw, I love my ruger American in 308. Light as a feather and shoots fantastically for such a pencil barrel.

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