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35 Cal Question

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Oath Keeper, May 22, 2013.

  1. Oath Keeper

    Oath Keeper Member

    I am relatively new to reloading, though I've been stocking up on supplies for years. I was recently given two boxes of Hornady 35cal .358 180gr SPSSP Interlock bullets. My question is: As long as I maintain proper seating and powder loads, would I be able to fire them from a 357 revolver? Everything is the same as a 357, except the 35 is .269 longer. I will be happy to use these to punch paper at 25-50 yards-I just hate to see them go to "waste"...Thanks
  2. Certaindeaf

    Certaindeaf member

    I don't think I'd do it. Since they are heavily jacketed rifle bullets and larger than proper, I'd think the risk of cracking the forcing cone would be significant.
    Give them away, trade them or sell them.
  3. Oath Keeper

    Oath Keeper Member

    I was under the impression that SPSSP was for Soft Point Single Shot Pistol??
  4. kyhunter

    kyhunter Well-Known Member

    spire point single shot pistol. And im assuming that is for t/c type break opens and the like. Not for revolvers which aren't single shot. I know nothing of the bullets so wont comment on their use further than that
  5. Oath Keeper

    Oath Keeper Member

    Thanks to the both of you for your input. I am hoping that someone here has had this situation arise.
  6. Oath Keeper

    Oath Keeper Member

    OK, The light bulb just went off-after doing some math the rounds would be a bit too long for the cylinder to operate. I guess that it is time for a trade or to pick up a T/C in 35cal
  7. kyhunter

    kyhunter Well-Known Member

    good luck man. Good on you for using your brain and being safe when it comes to reloading
  8. badger brown

    badger brown Member

    what would you want in trade , other bullets or money? I have a T/C 357 mag and an H&R in 357 max.
  9. Salmoneye

    Salmoneye Well-Known Member

    I use the 180gr ssp in my Marlin 336RC .35 Rem as a 2-shot (mag is 'plugged' to accept one round only), and keep the velocities in the 2000fps range due to the thinner jacket of this bullet...

    I indeed have 'played' with the thought of .38spcl brass and this bullet seated to max length for a 686 cylinder, with the exposed lead above the jacket clipped off, but have never loaded live rounds...Loading in .357 brass, the case mouth is .10" above the canelure, and thus case capacity is the same for either case (.38spcl/.357)...

    Here is a mockup of what I am thinking next to a Penn TCBB 158.gr cast in a .357 case:


    Let us know if you ever come up with a load...
  10. FROGO207

    FROGO207 Well-Known Member

    Trimming them off would get inaccurate weights and seating them deeper to use in a revolver would raise pressures excessively so these options would not be the best ideas IMHO. Just save them for when you get some more experience and can possibly figure out a safe load or trade them off/sell them to obtain what you want. I have never loaded any of these bullets and would not try to advise you how to load them lacking correct data for use in a revolver without trying it myself first FWIW.
  11. Oath Keeper

    Oath Keeper Member

    Thanks again for all the input. I think that rather than sell/trade the bullets, I will do it bass ackwards and pick up a Thompson Condender in 35cal. I can always pick up alternate caliber barrels for $250 or so to expand my reloading knowledge and experience..
  12. Krogen

    Krogen Well-Known Member

    I like your thinking. Recently I "had" to buy a 444 Marlin because I had brass and dies sitting around unused.
  13. FROGO207

    FROGO207 Well-Known Member

    Well last fall I went out and purchased a couple 40 S&W handguns because I already had a couple medium flat rate boxes of fired brass and ran into a good deal on a set of dies here in the reloading for sale section.:D It could be worse-----You could have ended up with a spare barrel for a Sherman tank instead.:p
  14. bluetopper

    bluetopper Well-Known Member

    I will buy them.....they are the cat's meow in my 357 Maximum T/C Contender handgun.
  15. Ditchtiger

    Ditchtiger Well-Known Member

    I had some a while back, stuffed them into a 38 special case with a light load of powder.
    They worked just fine.
  16. NCsmitty

    NCsmitty Well-Known Member

    I use the 180gr SSP in my 357 Maximum TC Contender, as they seem to be designed for the velocity range of those types of handgun cartridges.
    I think the OP's choice of a TC single shot, in perhaps the 35 Remington, would be a good thing, as I think they can make one a more conscientious shooter and/or hunter.

  17. Salmoneye

    Salmoneye Well-Known Member

    I always preferred the .357 Herrett in the Contender...


    Just cuz...

  18. Hondo 60

    Hondo 60 Well-Known Member

    Ya, sell 'em off.
    They weren't made for a handgun.

    MAX length is gonna be just a hair over 1.600.
    Sounds like they'd be too long to fit in a revolver.
  19. WVRJ

    WVRJ Well-Known Member

    They'd be too long and I doubt if the twist in a revolver would stabilize them.I use them with my Contender barrels(1 is 14",the other 21").Both are 35 Rem,and they are some kind of mean to deer.Better off buying a barrel or trading them.

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