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357 Herrett - Questions

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Brad Johnson, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. Brad Johnson

    Brad Johnson Well-Known Member

    Okay all you obscure caliber types, some questions.

    I have a friend who inherited a Contender. One of the barrels is chambered in .357 Herrett. If memory serves this is a wildcat deamed up by Steve Herrett and some gun mag. I think it's formed from .30-30 brass, but don't quote me on that. Some cursory checking on the web confirms the cartridge to be as obscure as I had presumed.

    My question is one of ammo availability. Did anyone ever make this as a factory round? If so, is there a place that still carries it that doesn't require some blood and the promise of your first-born in exchange? I haven't had any luck finding anything on the web other than Buffalo Catridge, who will gladly load up a 50rd box for a mere $90.

    Suggestions? Options? Beuller..?

  2. Stevie-Ray

    Stevie-Ray Well-Known Member

  3. 30 cal slob

    30 cal slob Well-Known Member

    did you try these guys:


    i haven't ordered from them in a while, last thing I got several years back was a 20 mm reloading press.
  4. Brad Johnson

    Brad Johnson Well-Known Member

  5. byf43

    byf43 Well-Known Member

    Incredible cartridge!!!!! A friend has a .357 Herrett. He is kinda small and skinny. His Herrett kicks his butt!

    I didn't know that Quality Cartridge existed. They aren't too far from my home! Hmmmmmmmmm. . . .

    I was given a .30 Herrett barrel some years ago.

    If I remember correctly, the 'trick' to the 'Herrett' cartridges is the headspace.
    When sizing the cases, it's really important to have a ZERO (I thinks that's the term used) headspace.

    Something about sizing a case in small amounts and trying in the barrel until the Contender (for example) will just close and lock.
    Then, lock down the sizer die and load up a batch.

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