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.357 Mag 148 gr SWC

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Bud0505, May 9, 2012.

  1. Bud0505

    Bud0505 Member

    I've searched the forum and haven't found a load for .357 mag 148 gr SWC using Unique. Anyone have a pet load? I've read all about Power Pistol,W231, Universal etc but I'm looking for a mild paper punching load using components that I already have on hand. Looking forward to your responses.
  2. loadedround

    loadedround New Member

    The 148 gr LWC bullet was not designed to use with the 357 magnum revolver. This particular bullet is used in target shooting with small quanties of a fast powder usually Bullseye or WW 231; and was designed to cut a smooth round hole in a paper target. If you want to use this particular bullet in your "maggie", check a reloading manual for 38 Special loads, or Hodgdon's website @ www.hodgdon.com There will be loads listed with your bullet and Unique powder. Just be safe.
  3. zxcvbob

    zxcvbob Active Member

    Is it a semi-wadcutter, or a full wadcutter? If a wadcutter, is it hollow based or solid?
  4. mbopp

    mbopp New Member

    A 158gr semi-wadcutter is common.
    A 148gr full wadcutter, either cast or hollow base, is common.
    I've used 4.5gr of Unique with 148gr cast wadcutters loaded in 357 cases.
  5. hakasaw

    hakasaw New Member

  6. Salmoneye

    Salmoneye Active Member

  7. Bud0505

    Bud0505 Member


    Thanks for the link. Shows exactly what I was looking for. I did not have that reloading guide.


    I'd looked at the Alliant site, but they don't list a 148 gr load for .357. but thanks for the reminder.


    They are 148 gr Wadcutter BB. Not SWC as I erroneously stated in my request. Thanks
  8. ljnowell

    ljnowell New Member

    I load the missouri bullet 148gr DEWC over anywhere from 3.3 to 3.5gr of AA#2,
  9. zxcvbob

    zxcvbob Active Member

    I shoot DEWC's in .357 Mag using 7 grains of either Herco or WSF. OAL is about 1.35 or 1.36" It's not a max load but it's on up there because the bullet is loaded so deep in the case. You could duplicate it with 6.something grains of Unique but I don't know the exact amount -- it should be in that 2004 Alliant link.
  10. mbopp

    mbopp New Member

    I've shot 148gr Berrys DEWC's over 6.0gr of Unique in 357 cases, snappy and accurate in my M-19. I'd consider it too hot for cast bullets though.
  11. joneb

    joneb Active Member

    I have some Speer swaged BHN around 8, 148gr BB WCs that I loaded with 3.9gr of Bullseye for .357 mag. with good results.
    I am in the process of loading a 148gr cast button nose WC BHN of 18 for .357 mag. using AA#5 for testing.
    It would help to know what BBWC you have.
  12. loneviking

    loneviking New Member

    I have a bunch of 148gr. HBWC's that my dad found years ago. I load 'em with 4.5gr Unique in a .357 case. Mild recoil, very good accuracy.

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