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357sig/reloading help

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by lauderdale, Dec 13, 2013.

  1. lauderdale

    lauderdale Member

    I Reload on the Dillion SDB,45/40/9/380. Going to SET UP for Takeing my 40/GLK. & Get a sig Barrel. SDB will not reload sig. Read the thread on 357 sig reloading, TWICED,PHEW!! Going to put in second press Back to some basics Rcbs RockChkr. You hard core SIG Reloading friend's how would u recommend setting up? Like dillion die idea? THNK/U!
  2. cfullgraf

    cfullgraf Active Member

    While Dillon dies are excellent, the pistol dies do not include a mouth expander as Dillon progressives do that with the powder measure activation system.

    So, you can by a mouth expander die ala carte from another manufacturer or just by another manufacture's die set.

    Except for Dillon, most other 357 Sig sizer dies are steel which means you will need to lubricate the cases. Some folks will use a a carbide 40 S&W die to resize the body of the case and then use the 357 Sig die without lubricant to resize the neck. I have not tried this as I prefer to clean my cases after resizing. The lubricant gets cleaned off at that time.

    Hope this helps.
  3. lauderdale

    lauderdale Member

    Thanks cfull! Anyone else?? sounds to e-z factory crimp die? and if I don't go dillion?
  4. Blue68f100

    Blue68f100 Active Member

    Dillon is the only one I know that offer/have Carbide dies in this caliber. Since this is a miniature bottle neck round it's loaded like a rifle round. Most I know use OneShot case lube. Which works well for this small round, don't need much. None I know use the LFCD. They have been loading long enough to know how to setup the dies properly it's not needed. Any post sizing will cause loss in neck tension. One thing they all do is verify the expander is not over size. Neck tension is critical on this small high power case. In a lot of cases they end up polishing it down. Also bullet selection it critical too TC. Most RN 9mm will not work.

    All are using AP Dillon or Hornady. Shoot too much for a SS press. Too bad you have the SDB, one of it draw backs is pistol (straight wall) only. You may want to check though. I though I heard that they were going to make this caliber for the SDB.

    If I recall RCBS had the head spacing wrong on there dies. Some worked some didn't.
  5. john wall

    john wall Member

  6. lauderdale

    lauderdale Member

    Blue and John iam going to have to research and john I want to go threw ur cites thank u guy's. Rock chucker tomm. Cabela's, going in next. I've been researching and looking as to how folks set up on show us you bench thread,and looks like most that learned the way I did will get a single stage to progress. A turret would be great but the error is in the Disk/shell holder/u can c what iam getting to. sway in casing when being loaded? NO? Oh I have plenty to learn! Thank u John
  7. hentown

    hentown New Member

    Pretty sure that the LFCD in .357 Sig doesn't post-size. I think it works with a collet, like all the other LFCDs for bottlenecks.

    I haven't loaded .357 Sig, as I just don't have any interest in it. I have, however, loaded over 10k .400 Cor-Bons and over 3k .40 Supers, both being bottlenecks.

    I'd recommend that the OP use a slow powder, such as AA#9, in order to mitigate feedramp-induced setback. The .357 Sig has very little neck bearing surface, so setback would be an issue I'd be concerned about. The solution, recommended to me by Peter Pi, Prez of Cor-Bon, was to cannelure my bullets and roll-crimp into the cannelure. That's a lot of trouble to go to, just go reload a hot 9mm. :cool:
  8. lauderdale

    lauderdale Member

    Phew after doing another hour + research I think I will wait till my reloading skills get fine tuned a lil more. seems like the sig can be e-z or can be hard?? Thank you for all the help John.
  9. M1key

    M1key Active Member

    RCBS standard two-die set.

    Factory brass cases (not nickel-plated).

    Make sure to "cam over" when sizing to ensure you bumping the shoulder back.

    Check that the case length is in spec.

    I use Accurate #9 exclusively (about 13.0gr) because it mostly fills the case, minimizing or eliminating bullet set-back.

    Seat bullet (Gold Dot 125 Sig or 124 XTP) to proper depth.

    Finish with a light crimp (Lee FCD).

    Good Luck

  10. me26245

    me26245 New Member

    My first option would be to move to a Dillon 550 press, the SDB is a great little press, but I load too many calibers (.32ACP to .50BMG) to limit myself to a SDB.
    It maybe painful and costly to do the switch, but you'll be happier in the long run I think.
    I lube and size my .357SIG brass in a separate operation so when it comes time to load I start at the neck-sizing/powder drop station on my 550's. Cases having been primed using a bench mounted priming tool. It adds a few steps, but I've only got @35K pieces of brass sized so far.

    Best of luck to you.
  11. kutter

    kutter New Member

    LCT and dies, I started with this round and .223, it really is not as bad some have said. I use AA#9, but do not have issues with setback even without it, never have.

    Just be attentive to how you set up your dies and you will be fine. Make several dummy rounds before you start loading to check everything. I shoot Berry's plated for my plinking ammo in mid range velocities without any problems. My SD ammo is factory, mostly because I read about manufacturers using an adhesive to eliminate any setback problems so if a round gets cycled multiple times I do not have to think about it. Is this true, I have no idea but the lenghts do not change, I know because I checked.

    I can cycle my rounds half a dozen times and see virtually no variation in length so I could probably carry them without any concern.

    Have fun with it, it is a fun round, shoots flat, real snappy, a lot of fun at the range.

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