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.36 Remington?

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by ZVP, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. ZVP

    ZVP Well-Known Member

    I have never handled or shot one,.
    I am wondering how they stack up against the Colt stylw.36?
    The Colts sometimes have issues with jamming the spent cap fragments. I assume it is because of the smaller frame openings and the "Track/ Groove" the caps rotate around in.
    I'm guessing that since the .44 Remingtons cycle so well that the .26 would also?
    Also what's it like to fire one? The weight is quoted as a bit heavirt than Colt's and do they recoil less? Not that ,36's kick...
    It's been one of my dream guns for a long time but I keep buying ,38 S&W's and never have the money when a .36 Remmie pops up!
  2. zimmerstutzen

    zimmerstutzen Well-Known Member

    I had a cheap FIE brass framed remmie in 36 back in the 1970's. I did not have a cap fragment problem with it. It was a bit heavier than a colt navy. I just did a lot of plinking with it. I could keep the shots on an opened sheet of newspaper at 100 yards. At 50 ft, I could keep them in the black. I swapped it off when I acquired my Ruger old army. Obviously the 36 recoil was less. In fact, the soft almost non-existant recoil was one of the things I did not like about it.

    I have thought about getting a modern made 36 remmie repro, but I have some 44's and frankly the recoil is not bad on those and I can load them down, should I so desire. Heavy max loads with the Ruger are beginning to wear on me. Not that they cause pain, or discomfort, or even destroy my accuracy. I load it down for target shooting just because it stays most pleasant. It is sort of hard to describe. Shooting is more enjoyable when I don't have to wrestle with the gun's recoil 50 to 100 times in an afternoon.
  3. holdover

    holdover Well-Known Member

    I have owned a 36 rem and shot it in competition at NSSA, they shoot well, in my experience accuracy was as good as the 44 at 25 yds. Sold it to a shooting buddy on my team, he bought it for his wife to shoot. Less kick than a 44, my load was 15 gr goex fffg and a round ball, in the ransom rest made about a quarter size hole at 25 yds, cut the forcing cone for better accuracy than from factory. I believe it was a Pietta
  4. mec

    mec Well-Known Member

    They really are pretty neat and ours was very reliable. It appears that, built as they are on the same frame as the .44 replicas, they are a bit largerheavier than the orginals. They do have more chamber capacity than the colt replicas and get some fairly robust velocities.
    36 Remington New Model Navy
    .380 " 85 Grain Ball
    28 Grains Swiss FFFg Velocity Extreme Spread (5)Energy
    1238 fps 59 fps 272 ft/lb.
    28gr/vol pyrodex p 1181 7 247
    28 GR/VOL h777 1188 49 251

    22grains swiss fffg 978 62 265

    125 Grain Buffalo Bullet
    original remington NM.36


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  5. Hoof Hearted

    Hoof Hearted Well-Known Member

    They aren't / weren't all built on the large frame. Look for a LYMAN version they are smaller.....
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2014
  6. Captain*kirk

    Captain*kirk Well-Known Member

    My son has the Lyman Uberti; I've shot it. Like the ,44 Remmies, they resist cap jams. Recoil is mild. Damn nice gun, IMHO.
  7. ZVP

    ZVP Well-Known Member

    Thanls guys!
    That .36 ewmington sure looks like a neat revolver!
    I bet the larger cylinder capacity does give more room to experiment with charges to get the optimum.
    I like the solid frame design. The barrel mounts solid and so does the cylinder for top strength and accuracy. I bet they last forever if you just use a bit of common aense with em!
    I wonder why they didn't sell as well as the Colts did? Most likely the idea of a "mineture Army Model" was the draw that made the Colts more popular.
  8. mec

    mec Well-Known Member

    The colts were around and in general use way before the remington. remington bought the patent in 1858 but didn't put it into circulation until '60. Beals and whitney also used the design but were much later and smaller than the Colt firm.
  9. black_powder_Rob

    black_powder_Rob Well-Known Member

    I love my Remington in 36 cal, the thing is awesome and yeah it can take a larger charge of the black. As for it being the same size as teh 44 version I am not sure but I think my 36 Pietta is smaller than the larger 44's. Anyone actually have both and can add any to this?

    I also have a conversion cylinder for it in 38 sp. that i shoot 158gr lrnhb bullets out of, it still retains its accuracy. (got it for the days when the wind would blow to much to mess with the lose powder.)
  10. Gaucho Gringo

    Gaucho Gringo Well-Known Member

    I have a Euroarms .36 Remington with a conversion cylinder. Put next to my Pietta .44 Remington it is noticeably smaller especially in width. I would say 2\3rds the width of the Pietta and weighs noticeably less too. A lot quicker to draw and get on target than the .44 Pietta.
  11. mec

    mec Well-Known Member

    The only euroamrs Ive handed was a very good Roges and Spencer but I've heard that the Euroamrs 36 remington is smaller and the same size as the original while Uberties are bigger.
  12. Gaucho Gringo

    Gaucho Gringo Well-Known Member

    I also have a Euroarms Roger & Spencer. Just got it a little while ago and haven't had a chance to shoot it yet.
  13. swathdiver

    swathdiver Well-Known Member

    Uberti makes an "1858" Navy with a 7-3/8" barrel. Pietta makes a "Belt" or "Police" model (depends on who is selling it) with a 6.5" barrel length. Since at least the last 15 years or so they are made on the same frame as the .44s and are in fact heavier.

    They also have proper chamber to groove dimensions for good accuracy, the chambers in the newer guns being .369 putting them .002 over groove diameter.

    Mine shoots Kaido 140 grain conicals and .375 round ball with great accuracy. They also sound different, maybe it's the round going supersonic with chambers stuffed with BP?
  14. mec

    mec Well-Known Member

    The Uberti has a really nice feel with all that weight. As you can see, several full-chamber loads did get past mach.

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