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.380 and HS-6

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by J_McLeod, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. J_McLeod

    J_McLeod Well-Known Member

    Does anyone use HS-6 with a 95 gr FMJ? I can't find any published data for it, even though Lee and Lyman publish data for powders with similar burn speeds.
  2. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    That you can't find data for it is what we like to call a clue.

    If it was suitable, Hodgdon would want to sell you some, and publish data for it.

    I would imagine you couldn't get enough of it in a .380 case to get any velocity you could easily exceed with other more suitable powders.

    HS-6 burns best at much higher pressure then you can safely use in .380 ACP.

  3. J_McLeod

    J_McLeod Well-Known Member

    I hadn't thought of that. I had considered that it might be to slow, but forgot that it usually take more of it than some other powders.
  4. Galil5.56

    Galil5.56 Well-Known Member

    My Sierra #3 has 95 grain jacketed .380 Auto data for HS-6; nice and snappy too. PM me, and I'll send it to you.

    Much "slower", much bulkier propellants than HS-6 are/have been published for use in 380 Auto, i.e. Blue Dot. Who knows for certain and for all reasons why a certain maker or publisher does not include certain propellants per application... It does not mean by any stretch exclusively, that its exclusion equals not being suitable on a ballistic performance metric.

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