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380 Bersa plus?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by lauderdale, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. lauderdale

    lauderdale Well-Known Member

    Looking for a range gun/cc and found one of these for 339.00 380 BERSA PLUS w/12+ ROUND'S. SOUND WRIGHT? Found more about them in older forums then new. I've read some mixed reviews but more positive then neg. it is Brand new, apprc. any help/thoughts?
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  2. CornCod

    CornCod Well-Known Member

    The Bersa Thunder .380 is a fine pistol for what it is. They tend to be a trifle ammo sensitive so give your choice of carry ammo a good test. Make sure you clean out the goofy preservative they ship the guns with, it actually makes them jam. The lower capacity model is my main carry piece.
  3. weblance

    weblance Well-Known Member

    The Thunder PLUS is 15+1. I almost bought one a while back, but ended up buying the standard Thunder instead. The Thunder PLUS is different than the the standard Thunder in frame, and grip size, so none of the aftermarket grips, like the Crimson Trace Laser Grips will work. That was important to me. Extra magazines for the PLUS are almost non-existent. I found that the now discontinued Thunder Deluxe used a 9 round magazine, and it works in the standard Thunder, making it a 9+1. Those magazines are relatively easy to find. Its up to you, but I chose the standard Thunder, use the Thunder Deluxe magazines, and am very happy with my decision.
  4. usp9

    usp9 Well-Known Member

    I recently bought a Thunder Plus. It was $325, so your price is right in line. I've seen them over $400 too. I prefer the larger grip as it fits my hand much better. I also have the regular Thunder so in a side by side comparison, the Plus is the better fit for me. It isn't all that much bigger, just enough to fill my hand and makes the trigger reach just right.

    The Plus grip panels have two screws each instead of one. Otherwise I can't tell much difference.

    I bought two extra mags for it, and didn't have an trouble getting them from the U.S. parts supplier for Bersa. They were about $43 each though.

    The gun is accurate, easy to shoot, softer recoil than some smaller .380s and even has a fairly decent trigger. at this price it is a little rough around the edges, but for the money it's a nice gun. Not great... nice, usable... no more.
  5. lauderdale

    lauderdale Well-Known Member

    Thanks Guyz, I believe i'am going to make the purchase.
  6. MedWheeler

    MedWheeler Well-Known Member

    I have the "regular" Thunder 380, and I did not find it to be "ammo-sensitive" at all. I could not make that thing malfunction, even with mixed-mag loads of various bullet types, and ammo decades apart in age. I was very impressed when I got the gun (in 2008), and still own it today. Great carry piece, but plays second to my Kel-Tec PF9 because the latter, though being less pleasant to shoot, is more easily carried.

    As far as being a "range gun", though, the .380ACP round isn't the most affordable range-round out there. It will help if you get into reloading, if you're not already.

    You won't go wrong with the gun.
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    MICHAEL T Well-Known Member


    Home of Bersa on internet Over 6000 happy owners and a couple of unhappy ones Hey can't please every one.
  8. Hokkmike

    Hokkmike Well-Known Member

    All I can say is that with my Bersa .380 experience I would not hesitate to buy another one. Good luck.
  9. lauderdale

    lauderdale Well-Known Member

    I have gotten allot of positive reports on this gun an am amped up to possibly get it, and its not like me to take a chance then I will be blameing it on my reload's? and dillion SDB!
  10. usp9

    usp9 Well-Known Member

    Just because...

    A gun thread without a photo is like a pod without a pea. Or something like that.
  11. lauderdale

    lauderdale Well-Known Member

    Sir's! I"am licking my chops Iv'e had one walter PPK and loved it. But thank you for posting a picture!
  12. lobo9er

    lobo9er Well-Known Member

    2 questions
    Does Bersa bolt hold open after last round?
    And will it fire without an inserted magazine?
  13. MedWheeler

    MedWheeler Well-Known Member


    The Bersa slide does indeed lock open after the last round has been fired, or if racked with an empty magazine in place. A slide-release lever is present on the left side of the frame, and this permits manual slide-locking as well.

    No, the gun will not fire without a magazine in place.
  14. lobo9er

    lobo9er Well-Known Member

    medwheeler thank you
  15. fpgt72

    fpgt72 Well-Known Member

    I would second what another person had posted....mine has eaten every type of ammo I have ever fed it with zero problems. From steel cased to SD everything just flat works never a problem.

    I would not think twice to trust my life to it....even putting in ammo it has never seen before...the thing has just worked that well.
  16. kcofohio

    kcofohio Well-Known Member

    We have 2 of the Thunder 380 single stack. I agree, neither one has had a problem feeding various ammo. They're fairly easy to break down for cleaning.
  17. PA41

    PA41 Member

    I've got both the Thunder and the Thunder +, Both are fine, reliable inexpensive shooters, and would recommend either to anyone. The T+ is by far my favorite-- The large grip and extra weight in the lower part of gun makes it much more stable for me, and I hit much better with it. If your going to have a little gun like the .380 to carry I think its important you can shoot it well, and My T+ is a very comfortable, reliable, sweet shooting pistol.
  18. lauderdale

    lauderdale Well-Known Member

    The gun is still @ the lgs. was going to see what 2014 brings,Might be my mistake if I do?

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