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3D Printed Liberator Pistol: Video, more angles, loading detail

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Dean Weingarten, May 6, 2013.

  1. Dean Weingarten

    Dean Weingarten Well-Known Member

    In this YouTube video, more details are revealed about the first pistol to be completely produced by a 3D printer. There is one metal part, but it is made from a common nail, and is so ubiquitous that it does not offer any impediment to the creation of these pistols.

    Interesting details in this video include how the pistol is loaded. As I thought previously, the .380 ACP, 9x17, 9mm Kurtz, or 9mm Corto, all different designations for the same cartridge, is pushed into the chamber of the barrel by hand, then the barrel is simply snapped into place in the frame of the pistol.

    If more than one barrel is printed, relatively fast reloading is possible because the cartridge case need not be extracted. Each barrel would be loaded before use. To reload, the fired barrel would be snapped out of the frame with a rapid upward tug of the off hand. A new loaded barrel would be snapped into place. With a little practice reloading should be possible in 2 seconds.

    The video shows that four barrels were printed for the pistol.

    As the pistols do not appear to be expensive to make once the 3D printer is available, the common custom from the days of military single shot pistols could be adopted, and a brace (pair) of pistols could be carried.

    From the front angle of the video, after the shot, you can see the dark spot of powder residue in the end of the barrel.

    YouTube Video link

    Dean Weingarten Defense Distributed Distributor

  2. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    NOT a Liberator pistol!


    And NOT THAT GUY again!!

    I am seeing his face in my dreams at night after all the news coverage from the anti-gun news media coverage he is getting!

    He even made a azz of himself to the other side on 'America's Gun, The AR-15' the other night by coming across as a nut-case anti-government anarchist.

    (Although a well spoken, and not too crazy-eyed and drooling one.)

  3. Dean Weingarten

    Dean Weingarten Well-Known Member

    The designers and makers call it a "Liberator", in honor of the original.
  4. AlexanderA

    AlexanderA Well-Known Member

    "Zip guns" have been around for a long time. The difference now is that we have high-tech ("3D printed") zip guns instead of low-tech ones. It seems to me that as long as we have "real" guns available, by legal or illegal means, zip guns won't be much of a factor. Heck, even teenage delinquents don't resort to zip guns any more. They don't have to. Crude, homemade guns are a rather quaint and antiquated idea.
  5. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    Nothing honorable at all about calling a plastic one-shot zip-gun a "Liberator" in 'honor' of a gun at least one man died for while manufacturing them at government request to help try to win WWII.

    This guy is slightly wacko, in a computer genius sort of way, IMO.

    Regardless of his intent?
    He is doing the gun debate more harm then good, at just the wrong time!!

    IMO: He should be flying under the radar until he comes up with something worthwhile that really works.

    Right now, it appears to me he is more concerned with getting his face on TV and Youse-Tubes, then with our gun rights!

  6. pikid89

    pikid89 Well-Known Member

    they seem to me to be doing it the right way, since Defense Distributed did just get a manufacturers FFL
  7. General Geoff

    General Geoff Well-Known Member

    The guy is a self-admitted 'free market anarchist.' That doesn't make his contributions to the RKBA any less astounding. Inventing a printable firearm is very much analogous to the invention of the printing press, and just as the printing press revolutionized the written word, so too will printable guns revolutionize the right to keep and bear arms.
  8. Texan Scott

    Texan Scott Well-Known Member

    I'm waiting for a printable black powder blunderbuss. Then, no need to buy ammo either!
  9. Kiln

    Kiln Well-Known Member

    I disagree. The point behind this thing is to have a gun used for only a couple of shots (like the original) intended for people under socialist control.

    I don't think it could be more ironic at a time when socialists have more power than ever in the USA.
  10. Inebriated

    Inebriated Well-Known Member

    Dangit rc, I wanted to post that!:mad:
  11. hnk45acp

    hnk45acp Well-Known Member

    The media has had a field day with this guy but I think his argument is a sound one. Put the power back into the people's hand. The argument that it will make it easier for criminals to get guns is BS, they get guns anyway and probably much more cheaply. It takes the control of an object out of the hands of the government and that's always a good thing
  12. AethelstanAegen

    AethelstanAegen Well-Known Member

    Well let's be honest here though. Really it's "Put the power back in to the people-who-can-afford-a-$8000-3D-printer's hand." I don't think this really gives your common man a more viable resistance weapon that they couldn't build more effectively with a pipe and a handful of home improvement supplies. Really, it does just seem to rile up everyone, perhaps creating pressure for increased regulation on homemade firearms and really in no way gives your average citizen of totalitarian-land a means of resistance. I do kind of think he's a guy with access to some fun technology that has managed to create a storm in a tea cup for his own fame.
  13. essayons21

    essayons21 Well-Known Member

    There is a certain amount of skill required to set up and operate most of the 3d printers on the market. Just like you can't plop someone down in front of a CnC mill with no training, these printers aren't exactly plug-n-play. However, as costs come down and technology improves I think you will see cheaper, more user-friendly models with the same resolution.

    The media and the left is all in a tizzy over this for some reason. I guess they don't realize that someone with zero mechanical knowledge can go to a hardware store and make a 12ga shotgun in a few minutes, for less than $20 in materials, and with nothing but a hacksaw.

    The anti's view guns as some sort of evil magical beings, and don't understand that they are among the simplest of modern machines.

    Anybody with any sort of machining or shop experience and access to a drill press could do much better than this 3D printed gun for much less money.

    I could care less about this new "Liberator." 3D printing is an immature technology and I'm not ready to bite. In 5-10 years it will be a different story.

    However, I think what Defense Distributed is doing by hosting these CAD files of firearms and accessories is great. It is the ultimate example of why gun control will never work... the knowledge is out there. If the products are no longer available from the factories, the factory will just shift to our garages and workshops, which is where all industry began in the first place.
  14. gc70

    gc70 Well-Known Member

    I did not see rounds being loaded in the linked video and the range on which the gun was tested was marked ".22 Rimfire Only."

    Could you provide links to stories or videos about the calibers in which the gun has been made.
  15. barnbwt

    barnbwt Well-Known Member

    Many in this country fear the idea of people being able to do stuff themselves, and hate the means to do so.

    *snark hat on*

    "Yawn, wake me up when it's perfected, proven for 10+ years, and won three wars. Then we'll know if it's worth getting excited over. This guy's gonna do nothing but ruin the sweet gig us home-builders have by exposing the legality of making our own guns. He should wait to release these prototypes until after they're accepted by everyone, everywhere."

    *end snark*

  16. junyo

    junyo Well-Known Member

    Defcad's target device is a Reprap 3D printer, which can be bought/built for in the neighborhood of a grand. And it's a LOT easier to use than a CNC mill.

    And the point isn't a viable weapon, the point IS to get people riled up. Hippies do think guns are produced by evil NRA wizards pronouncing secret incantations on a temple underneath Mt Doom. These guys, more that any letter writing, phone calling, BS political process are demonstrating to those hippies that gun control is now beyond their grasp.

    God, I get so sick of people crapping on someone that's actually punching the opposition in the face. If the guy had printed a Glock 19 I swear there'd be people complaining that it was useless until he could print a 1911.
  17. tarosean

    tarosean Well-Known Member

    Pretty much... I can buy a topshelf handgun, shotgun and AR or AK for about the same money that will last my lifetime. Or a thousand disposable ring of fire / hi points..

    Heck even a mini lathe is only about a grand.
  18. jerkface11

    jerkface11 Well-Known Member

    You guys are living in the wrong century. The printers get cheaper every year. And they aren't $8000.
  19. pikid89

    pikid89 Well-Known Member

  20. Dean Weingarten

    Dean Weingarten Well-Known Member

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