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40 cal choices... SW99, XDsub compact, CZ Rami?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Crue4, Dec 26, 2005.

  1. Crue4

    Crue4 New Member

    Which do you choose... I have shot all of them and the Glock as well.. To me they all feel better in the hand than the Glock does but a Glock is a GLock. I am looking for a sub compact carry piece.. and I am price conscious.. Which do you choose and why?

    XD sub compact-- Definitely would choose the Stainless SLide due to rusting issues...love the ergonomics of it...

    SW99-- probably highest price.. is it worth it..over the others

    CZ Rami-- What is the consensus here? not as familiar with this model.

    Glock sub compact-- don't particularly like the feel, but everyone says the more you shoot the more you'll love it...

    What are your opinions?

    Are their any others in this price range of lower that I should consider?
  2. Highland Ranger

    Highland Ranger New Member

    Probably not lower . . . HK USPc?

    (probably not smaller either?)
  3. _N4Z_

    _N4Z_ New Member


    Maybe the CZ-75 in .40?
  4. Crue4

    Crue4 New Member

    Love the HK, but not willing to go that high in price... Want to stay around $500 or lower give or take a little....
  5. coltrane679

    coltrane679 New Member

  6. Crue4

    Crue4 New Member

    Unbelievable price point... but it looks a little big compared to what I have in mind... but at that price... I may have to at least consider it.
  7. Edmond

    Edmond Active Member

    Have you considered a CPO Sig 229?
  8. TC-TX

    TC-TX New Member

    From This List - Glock... ever time

    Glock Compact 23 - AWESOME performer... Great Value and Easy to Carry...:)
  9. mbott

    mbott New Member

    My pick was the CZ 2075 RAMI in .40 caliber. Been very satisfied with both accuracy and function of it ever since I ordered it.

  10. Crue4

    Crue4 New Member

    Just held a Taurus Mil Pro 45... pretty darn good feeling gun 10 mag, compact ... and whoa! what a price on it... Seems to have very very good reviews...., and did I mention the great price...

    Makes me wonder if that should be my choice? any comments
  11. Matthew748

    Matthew748 New Member

    I have a Springfield XD sub compact and I am happy with it so far. I got it about a month ago and am pleased with it's ease of use, accuracy, and dependability. I have taked it out twice and fired about 250 rounds.

    I carry it in a Bianchi ATB waistband holster, but am not 100% happy with it. It is fine right now in the winter under a sweater or coat, but I don't think it will cut it in the summer, as it creates quite a bulge on my frame.
  12. scubie02

    scubie02 New Member

    I'd say go XD. I've owned a Walther P99 and a CZ-75 and still own two XD's. From my experience you won't go wrong with any of them as far as reliability and performance--all were absolutely reliable for me as in not a single malfunction for any of them. I'm not sure how the 75 compares to the model you mentioned but the cz was more "old school" with similarities to a 1911 as far as method of takedown, ability to carry cocked and locked, etc. Mine was in 9mm and was the second most accurate 9mm I have fired--after my xd service model, you may be surprised to hear. My P99 was in 40 and as mentioned, totally reliable. Good ergonomics, easy take-down, nothing wrong with it. The least accurate of the three styles in my particular sample, but that might be different with enough samples, who knows. My xd's have also both been utterly reliable, have the easy takedown, good ergonomics, extra grip safety, and while the 3 inch subcompact was still more accurate than my full sized P99, the service model is just surprising in its accuracy for a service gun--second only to my most accurate 1911's.

    As far as the finish issue--I personally haven't had any problems with the finish on either of mine to date, so not sure what to think of that--either I got two good ones, it was an issue that was fixed, I just don't sweat as much or as acidly, who knows. But it hasn't been an issue to date with mine.
  13. scubie02

    scubie02 New Member

    you know, over time it just comes back to me again and again that nothing carries like a 1911 just because of the slim profile. The other autos I have owned--the XD, P99, Sigs, etc (and if you compare the glocks, they are just as fat) are less comfortable to carry and harder to conceal IMO opinion simply because of the slim vs fatter profile. I can literally carry one of my full sized 1911's and have it be more comfortable and show less than any of the more "modern" autos.

    something to consider--you can get one of the more base model springfield's--mil-spec or GI--pretty reasonably/competitively compared to those models mentioned.

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