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40s&w Advise needed

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by JO JO, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. JO JO

    JO JO Well-Known Member

    going to start reloading 40 s&w, need opinions on what powder I have power pistol and hs-6 also what grain bullet would be a good choice to reload,
    never loaded 40 cal before handguns are p229 and xd40sc.
    Thanks in advance for any advise and opinions
  2. gamestalker

    gamestalker member

    I'm a big fan of HS6 personally and really like it's performance. A good bullet for me through any of my 40's is the 155 XTP.
  3. bds

    bds Well-Known Member

    I would recommend the heavier 180 gr bullet over 165/155 for starting out to reload in 40S&W.

    The two powders you have would be fine for 40S&W.
  4. PO2Hammer

    PO2Hammer Well-Known Member

    The powders sound fine. I get good accuracy with 165 and 180 plated bullets in guns with conventional rifling. The 180 HAP is one of the best if you want a true jacketed bullet, it's an XTP without the nose cuts.
  5. gunlaw

    gunlaw Well-Known Member

    +1 on the 180g bullets. Your powders should be good with those bullets. Also give AA#5 a try really my favorite powder for 40 s&w.
  6. janobles14

    janobles14 Well-Known Member

    my goto load is 165 grain bullet and HS-6 (8.2 grains i THINK. id have to go look). great accuracy and clean
  7. JO JO

    JO JO Well-Known Member

    Is it safe to reload 40 s&w if I use my own brass and stay at starting loads with 165-180
    gr bullets I do load for other calibers no issues so far, but a guy at gun store told me 40 cal is dangerus and can kaaboom easy ? I have shot alot of 40 ammo but never reloaded
    for it. would like to shoot my 40s more p229 and xd40sc. I load on a single stage and weigh each charge and will use a factory crimp die,
    Thanks All
  8. bds

    bds Well-Known Member

    With slower powders like HS-6 and Power Pistol, you need to use high to near max load data to get best accuracy and clean burn. At start charges, your loads will be dirty burning and less accurate.

    With the 180 gr bullets and faster W231/HP-38 powder, you can get good accuracy and clean burning even at start to mid range load data with less pressure concerns.

    I use W231/HP-38 to introduce new reloaders. For 40S&W, I start them out with 180 gr TCFP bullets and start charge that recoils softer than full power 9mm loads yet accurate. At mid range load data, recoil is mild and accurate. At high range, recoil is moderate and accurate. Also, W231/HP-38 with 180 gr bullet at start to high range minimizes case bulge for easier resizing. Once they get comfortable, they move onto lighter 165/155 bullets and slower powders. I use mixed head stamp range brass.

    Most KaBooms I am aware of were due to double charges or neglected/modified pistols that were not properly maintained.

    When I help set up new reloaders, I have them adjust their dies without the FCD as it will erase any mistakes other dies make. Once their rounds pass the barrel chamber drop test and feed/chamber reliably from the magazine, I have them use the FCD if they want to for jacketed bullets as it will post size larger diameter lead bullets. I do not use the FCD as I was taught to adjust the dies so the finished rounds fit the chamber of the barrel I was reloading for (They collect dust in the die boxes).
  9. TonyT

    TonyT Well-Known Member

    Nothing magical about the 40 S&W - loads like any other straight walled pistol cartridge. For full power loads I prefer either WSF or Power Pistol. For light plinking loads at ca 725 to 7775 fps I prefer either WST or American Select.
  10. Rule3

    Rule3 Well-Known Member

    You will be fine with either of those guns. Most of the Kaboom stories are with guns that have barrels with unsupported chambers. Stock Glock barrels and Browning HP in 40SW. The brass tends to bulge near the head and over time will get weak.

    The max loads of Power Pistol are very loud and potent. I scaled mine down to midway from min to max. I have not used HS6 in the 40 yet but hear it is excellent.
  11. Josh45

    Josh45 Well-Known Member

    Power Pistol is what I use. Im using a 150-155 GR bullet. It's decent. I use the starting loads because I was using some plated bullets. Some were FMJ but I was still just at the start.

    Accuracy was decent but since I'm shooting them in a Glock Barrel, I tend to stay away from to high a charge. It is a good powder choice. I have no complaints about it.

    I only say about the Power Pistol because it's the only one I have experience with at the moment.
    As for the KaBoom thing, The reason they say that is because I was told they are pressure sensitive cartridges. Just follow the manuals information and you will be fine.

    Also, Find a routine that works for you and stick with it. Try to stay away from double charges, Wrong powder ETC and you will be fine. One powder only on the bench, Call it out, Look at the book and call it out again. Check the charge call it out. Visually verify again. Its what I do when I load any of my calibers and Im happy to say I have not had a problem yet....
  12. RandyP

    RandyP Well-Known Member

    I don't know what the gun store guru was concerned over, but ANY caliber can kaboom if loaded incorrectly (wrong powder, wrong charge, wrong dimensions etc.) and AFAIK every caliber can be reloaded safely within published guidelines.

    .40 caliber is no exception nor is it unusual for lots of folks to reload it and create safe and accurate ammunition.

    The only quality control available for MY reloads is ME and I take my job as QA inspector very seriously.
  13. longdayjake

    longdayjake Well-Known Member

    Well, at great risk of sounding like a total dbag, the only advice I can give is that advise is a verb and advice is a noun.

    Eg. Can someone advise me on what load to use?
    Can someone give me advice on what load to use?

    Sorry, it is a common problem that I see more and more on firearms forums. I only mention it because I have made similar mistakes for years and nobody ever corrected me. So, for years my writing mistakes made me appear to be of lesser intelligence than I really am (though that is debatable).
  14. Stormin.40

    Stormin.40 Well-Known Member

    I really like HS-6 with both 165 grain and 180 grain bullets.

    Of course it goes for saying to start low and work up your loads but I like...

    7.5 grains HS-6 w/ 165 grain FP plated bullets
    6.5 grains HS-6 w/ 180 grain Lead FP bullets

    Both are more accurate than I am and are not that dirty, lighter loads with HS-6 will shoot very dirty.

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