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.40S&W Recipe request and Reloading Beginner Equipment Advise

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by nm3, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. nm3

    nm3 Well-Known Member

    Firstime poster.

    Have a recipe request for .40S&W. I have Power Pistol Powder, Federal brass and small pistol primers and Remington 180gr FMJ bullets. I have found something on Aliant's website for the Power Pistol powder, but primer and bullets are different. Anyone with any advise/experience with similar components?

    Also, I know that I would like to get in to reloading and I have started buying some equipment. I don't want to break the bank, but I do want good stuff that will last and be trouble free. I have a RCBS carbide die set and shell holder as well as a vibratory polisher. I was thinking about getting a Rock Crusher, but as with anything I do, usually will talk myself in to getting something better than basic. So, I have been looking at turret and progressives as well. As of now, I only have the one caliber, but I can see that changing in the future as well. I see the turrets as a time saver, not haveing to re-set-up the dies everytime I use the press.

    Any thoughts or advise on presses or kits is greatly appreciated...

    Thanks in advance....
  2. Rodentman

    Rodentman Well-Known Member

    IMHO I would not start out with a progressive. I think it's best to get experience on a single stage first. Personally, I like my Redding Big Boss II, but I have my old Lee Challenger as well. I reload 8 straight walled pistol calibers, and I enjoy setting the dies and fine tuning everything.

    I am not an expert. You'll get lots of views here, but I think you will hear several people advise that you should learn about the basic processes on a simpler press before moving to a progressive.

    I'd get a couple of reloading manuals and read them also. I think Alliant's loads are on the hot side and the .40 is a high pressure round that you don't want to take liberties with.

    YMMV of course.
  3. kludge

    kludge Well-Known Member

    I can recommend the Lee Classic Turret, a press you will not likely outgrow, and can be used "single stage" until you get the hang of things.

    Power Pistol is a good powder for the .40. Start at the "START LOAD" and if the pistol functions there's probably no reason to go higher. You can try higher loads to see if you can find a more accurate load, but unless you are more accurate than the gun you may not find a difference.

    Pay particular attention to the OAL since the .40 is a high pressure round. Get this measurement dialed in before you start adding primers and powder into the load sequence (i.e. make a few "dummy rounds" to start).
  4. gearheadpyro

    gearheadpyro Well-Known Member

    I would also (and personally did) start with the Lee Classic Turret. You can get a whole kit, including powder measure, from Cabela's for just shy of 200. All you need to add for .40's is a set of calipers.

    I wrote an article on my website about basic reloading equipment, it may help you figure out what all you need. (Reloading Equipment).

    Hope it helps.
  5. Motownfire

    Motownfire Well-Known Member

    What powder are you .40 re loaders using ??? I have read of multiple different powders used but I am only loading .40 and would like to know what powder you like to use.
  6. Corner Pocket

    Corner Pocket Well-Known Member

    Motownfire, I enjoy shooting .40 also. I have some recipes that I've worked up using HS-6, Unique, Bullseye, and 231. I shoot mostly 155 grain cast bullets with these.

    Happy shooting! :D

    Corner Pocket
  7. Crashbox

    Crashbox Well-Known Member

    I'm curious as well WRT powders for the .40 S&W since I am a noob, too. I bought some Longshot specifically for my autoloader, anyone else use it? I've had to put off reloading for the .40 for now due to budget but would still like to hear any experiences with this powder...

    For what it's worth, I started reloading with a progressive about three months ago but purchased a single-stage not long afterwards because there are some tasks which they are handier to carry out on.

    For the record, if and when I start reloading for my SIG Pro SP2022 my equipment so far consists of a Hornady die set and requisite shell plate, along with a Lee Factory Crimp taper die. Two pounds of Longshot in stock.
  8. Riss

    Riss Well-Known Member

    I use Vita Vihouri "VV" powder. VV N340 uses a small charge so you MUST be sure to not double charge the 40 cal. More than 1 charge will fill in the case and most likely would lead to catastrophic failure if you fired and overcharged case. I had started with power Pistol, but found that it was not burning completely so I switched. I was also using a pretty heavy charge weight with PP. The higher cost of the VV N340 powder is offset by the lower charge weight and less cleaning of the gun. And since I shoot several thousand through 2 different 40's cleaning can lead to quite an expense if I have to clean them every time I shoot.
  9. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

    As long as the bullet is the same weight and basic style, and the primer is a standard small pistol like you have, you can use the data.
    You can not go wrong with RCBS equipment.

    The best bang for your buck is Lee. Many reccomend the Classic Turret kit to start, and one cannot argue with that, except for the "start with a single stage crowd', and that idea does have merit. I started with a RCBS Partner press kit, then got a used Lee turret (3 hole) press, and quickly moved to a Hornady Projector.

    You will never regret buying a single stage press, and even when/if you go to a turret or progressive, you will find uses for it.

    Welcome to THR
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2010
  10. Motownfire

    Motownfire Well-Known Member

    Thanks Corner Pocket, I have decided to go with Unique since it's price well and easily available to me here locally.

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