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44 Spec Ruger Vaquero Sheriff

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by wheelyfun66, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. wheelyfun66

    wheelyfun66 Well-Known Member

    Hey All,
    Picked up a Ruger Vaq in 44 Spec....
    been to the range twice.....shoots as accurate as you allow it!

    Got some Rosewood checkered Eagle grips on order, Super Black Hawk hammer on backorder....
    Carrying it in a Simply Rugged Sourdough pancake with some spare ammo in a nice black leather pocket pouch.....
    Good to go!
  2. CraigC

    CraigC Well-Known Member

  3. kbbailey

    kbbailey Well-Known Member

    ...yea, that's real nice. I like it.
  4. horsemen61

    horsemen61 Well-Known Member

    very nice sir
  5. bannockburn

    bannockburn Well-Known Member


    Looks great and good to hear you've got some grips on order. First thing I did with my new Ruger Blackhawk was swap out those plain-jane looking plastic grips for a set of rosewood ones with the Ruger medallions on them.
  6. Here is mine. Same gun, except stainless with replacement myrtle grips. ......... [​IMG][/IMG]
  7. bannockburn

    bannockburn Well-Known Member

    Sweet looking grips Sharps!
  8. Deltaboy

    Deltaboy Well-Known Member

    Good looking Ruger.
  9. 35 Whelen

    35 Whelen Well-Known Member


    I can't help but wonder WHY they won't make this model/chambering in a 4 5/8" or 5 1/2" barrel.

  10. wheelyfun66

    wheelyfun66 Well-Known Member

    I have seen the 44 Special in 4.75" (or whatever weird measurement Ruger uses)...
    It was a small run done at the same time as the shorter barrels....
    Look on Gun Broker under the search term "Ruger 44"......and they occasionally turn up.
  11. Jaymo

    Jaymo Well-Known Member

    I'd love to have a Vaquero .44 Spl. I have the 5.5" Blackhawk .44 Spl.
  12. 35 Whelen

    35 Whelen Well-Known Member

    Me too. I really like the scaled down Vaqeuro rather than the larger Blackhawk. I think it makes for a much more functional pistol . Maybe someday Ruger will do a run of them.

  13. wheelyfun66

    wheelyfun66 Well-Known Member

  14. CraigC

    CraigC Well-Known Member

  15. Hammerdown77

    Hammerdown77 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, and if I remember correctly Bud's had a bunch they were trying to unload for $399 shipped or thereabouts a year or two ago. They didn't move very fast at all, stayed up at that price for a while.

    And now I kick myself repeatedly for not buying one. Why why why why WHY???
  16. wheelyfun66

    wheelyfun66 Well-Known Member

    Somehow, I eyeball certain limited run models......but never pull the trigger....
    UNTIL, they quit making them and they become hard to find and overly expensive.....then I MUST have one!

    There is a Ruger Birdshead in GB right now for over $800 dollars, and it still has about 4 days until the auction ends!! (paid about 600 for mine, a few months ago)
  17. 45Fan

    45Fan Well-Known Member

    I recently came across a Vaquero 4 5/8(not the new model) in 45 Colt, in like new unfired condition. The price he was asking was too low to turn down, and it came home with me. Compared to my dads new Vaqueros (5 1/2), the larger frame fits my hand better. Both are great pistols, and I dont know how anyone could go wrong with either version. I think next on my want list is going to be a 357 Vaquero, or maybe a .44
  18. CraigC

    CraigC Well-Known Member

    Boy, does that sound familiar! I've had the hots for the 4 5/8" Bisley flat-top .44Spl but haven't been able to commit.
  19. Dframe

    Dframe Well-Known Member

    Congratulations. The Ruger is a solid performer in one of the greatest calibres of all time. To me it has a good businesslike appearance. I like it just as it is.

    BADUNAME2 Well-Known Member

    Yeah. Stainless fixed sight Old Army. Toyed with getting a pair for quite a while, but always thought I could always get one for a couple hundred. No rush.

    Har dee har har.

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