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442 s&w

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by X-Rap, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. X-Rap

    X-Rap Well-Known Member

    Just picked up a NIB black 442 at my LGS. The price was $369. they said that Smith was pricing some of their smaller revolvers down to compete with some of the other brands.
    Anybody else see or hear this, it caught my eye and I thought it was used since some of the old MSR's are over $550.
    Good for them as far as I'm concerned, the quality seems as good as any newer S&W I've seen lately.
  2. BossHogg

    BossHogg Well-Known Member

    Excellant buy on a great carry gun. I haven't seen that price around here for NIB.
  3. wgp

    wgp Well-Known Member

    I believe I paid about $425 a year ago for a new 442 and have seen them priced over $500.
  4. 1/7GRUNT

    1/7GRUNT Well-Known Member

    I bought my 442 new in 2008 for about 450$ if I remember correctly. At budsgunshop.com they have them for around 360$
    For such a quality firearm that is a great price. I have bought some lemons in my time but that 442 is the best decision i ever made. Its with me nearly everyday.
  5. jon86

    jon86 Well-Known Member

    You did very well. Enjoy your awesome little carry gun.
  6. Gato Montés

    Gato Montés Well-Known Member

    One of the best values in defensive handguns these days, bar none. They lowered their prices right after new years, which came straight off the heels of their 50 dollar rebate they ran for the last half of last year.

    At these prices I don't much see the point in buying the copy cat imports of questionable quality.
  7. content

    content Well-Known Member

    Hello friends and neighbors // Great price and a smart move for you and S&W.

    I bought my 442 for $400 a couple of years ago. (no lock)

    I had to pay $500 (including tax and FFL fee) for a Gun Show, no lock, 642 last year but I consider the 442/642 well worth the $500.

  8. Hoppes Love Potion

    Hoppes Love Potion Well-Known Member

    Now if they'd price the other J-frames accordingly, I might be able to afford a 43C or a 351C
  9. sixgunner455

    sixgunner455 Well-Known Member

    The 43C would get some of my money if it was priced reasonably.
  10. Unistat

    Unistat Well-Known Member

    That was a good deal. I was fortunate to get both mine and my wife's 442 & 642 at about that price. Never once regretted it.
  11. jester88

    jester88 member

    i have national wholesalers ffl login info. dealers are paying 315 for these. some ship free.

    there is no better option anywhere near this price range, imo
  12. ArchAngelCD

    ArchAngelCD Well-Known Member

    Good price for a very good carry gun. I bought a M642 a few years back and it cost me $460. I recently bought a M442 and paid only $361, a much better price than a few years ago. It seems the prices of the S&W J frames are equally low all over, that's a good thing!
  13. psp7304

    psp7304 Well-Known Member

    I also picked up a new 442 without the lock at a local shop for $369. I'm glad S&W is selling these without the lock again.
  14. olderguns2

    olderguns2 Member

    you guys are all had more luck then me, $599 two years ago at shootstreight in apopka fl.
    but I love 442 s had to have right then and there been in my right front pocket ever since,
    if the price,s are getting this low I might get another one for the glove box. BTW I got stuck with the lock.
  15. Gary A

    Gary A Well-Known Member

    Every so often, Smith and Wesson seems to run out some 442s and 642s as "loss leaders" at really great prices. They are great buys and the no-lock versions are even better buys.
  16. BBroadside

    BBroadside Well-Known Member

    I got a 642 from Jet Guns which I will take sexy photographs of one of these days. I got it for just about $350 with no internal lock! A way better deal than I thought I would get. Lock fanciers can get theirs for about twenty quid less.

    Great trigger, great feel, hard cylinder latch (I'm told this will improve) and sights I find kind of odd (I'm sure this will improve with garish paint and/or practice, since I am a total rube when it comes to short radius). S&W is really selling some quality for good prices.

    Now if I can find a companion in for it in .22 LR, same external dimensions, same quality, same price, I'll be a happy camper. Even if it has an internal lock! This weapon, I believe, is located right next to the giant blueberry pie that hovers above my house. Only reachable by hydrogen ballon.

    (You never know, someone from S&W might be reading!)
  17. sixgunner455

    sixgunner455 Well-Known Member

    BB - the 43C is most of what you want. Price-wise, not so much, and availability? Hmm. I've only ever seen pictures.

    Would seem to me to be a natural companion to the 642 and other .38 snubbies they are selling so many of these days.

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