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45-70 which powder?

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by vinpar092, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. vinpar092

    vinpar092 Active Member

    I'm getting an H&R 45-70 to hunt in Mississippi instead of my muzzleloader. I like roundnose bullets and am settling on Hornady 350gr RN. I use alot of Hodgdon powder and thought about H4198. Any comments or suggestions?

  2. tbtrout

    tbtrout Well-Known Member

    I use IMR 4198, I think I remember reading H4198 will give similiar performance.
  3. 1911 guy

    1911 guy Well-Known Member

    Just once, do this.

    Load up some cartridges with 70gr of FFFg black powder. Shoot them, enjoy the smoke and blast, then clean your rifle very well.
  4. fineredmist

    fineredmist Well-Known Member

    I have an Uberti repro of the 1885 High Wall in .45-70 and the same model in .38-55. They are both great shooters and extremely accurate. I first loaded both with H4198 and I tried 5744. The 38-55 likes the H4198 and the 45-70 favors the 5744. I load to original 45-70 velocity (1300 fps) useing 405 gr hard cast lead bullets.

    Uberti 1885 High Wall fitted with Soule tang sight set, 27 gr. 5744, 405gr Laser cast bullet, Win LR primer, Lee factory crimp, OAL 2.550", fired from a bench rest = .04 X .22", 3 rounds @ 100 yds. (Everything went according to plan and Murphy was on vacation)
  5. db_tanker

    db_tanker Well-Known Member

    4198, RL-7, 5744, 3031 and Traillboss are excellent powders to use in this sweetie. :)
  6. Chief 101

    Chief 101 Well-Known Member

    You can't go wrong with any of the powders listed in this thread, and I expecially like the 4198's. Chief
  7. cheygriz

    cheygriz Well-Known Member


    I would question slow burning powders like
    RL7 and 3031 in a Trapdoor like the H&R. Try blackpowder, and substitutes by all means. For a hunting load, 4198 is hard to beat, as is AAC# 1680, and 5744. 4227 and H110 might also work well if carefully developed, expecially with lead bullets.
  8. Uncle Ji

    Uncle Ji Member

    IMR-4198 is the classic smokeless powder for Trapdoor level 45-70 loads. If you want to go hotter then IMR-3031 and Reloader-7 powders are very efficient.
  9. smokemaker

    smokemaker Well-Known Member

    I use 5744 for mild cast bullet loads ranging from 300 to 520 grains. For hotter loads using 300 grain Nosler partitions or 400 grain speer soft points, 3031 gets the nod.

    I haven't tried 4198 or RL-7 yet.
  10. vinpar092

    vinpar092 Active Member


    I will be using my 45-70 as a hunting round with most long shots around 160 yards. I think I'll try the 4198 like I planned. Thanks for the imput. I'm going to have to try the black powder as well. I'll probrably enjoy it alot.


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