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.45 ammo

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by elderboots, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. elderboots

    elderboots Member

    What is a good, reliable, and accurate .45 round for personal defence. There are so many on the market. Which ones should I stay away from.
  2. Shadowangel

    Shadowangel Well-Known Member

    Can't really beat Hydrashocks, Federal HST, Winchester Ranger, Golddots... those are probably the best off the top of my head.
  3. foghornl

    foghornl Well-Known Member

    Depends on what works best in YOUR handgun. Any of the mid-grade to premium ammo should work well.

    F'rinstance, I like the Remington Golden Sabre in my .45ACP pistols. The USA Brand (AKA Winchester White Box) hollow points also are good...a mid-range priced ammo.
  4. strat81

    strat81 Well-Known Member

    Reliability should be your first concern. Certain bullet shapes don't feed well in some guns. I don't shoot 45, but for other handgun calibers, I like Golden Sabers and Hornady TAP.
  5. birddog

    birddog Well-Known Member

    It certainly isn't considered "premium" ammo, but I've had tremendous luck in Kimbers, Rugers and Springfields with Magtech .45 ammo. It's cheap, and reliable.
  6. obxned

    obxned Well-Known Member

    Any JHP that feeds 100%! Sure some are better performers than others, but reliability is #1.
  7. BlindJustice

    BlindJustice Well-Known Member

    Thirty years ago, Jeff Coooper, liked the 200 gr. Semi=Wadcutter in a
    hardcast bullet at 1,000 FPS in .45 ACP. Not a bad choice given the
    performance of hollowpoints at that time.

    I've got the above with the Leadhead hardcast SWC

    I finally got a bunch of 200 gr. Hornady XTP JHP that
    was on back order Nice ogive is that the right term as
    it curves forward to the HP opening. I got them on sale
    for 16+ cents each after pricing Gold DOt at 28
    cents each.

    You didn't say if this was for a semi-auto or revolver, I have
    both, a SW1911 and S&W 625
    Trying to figure out which one likes cast vs jacketed and
    vica versa....
  8. 230RN

    230RN Marines on Mt. Curibacci

    Despite my screen name, I prefer 200 gr hollowpoints which have proven to feed 'n function with ultra-reliability. Brand is not that important as long as they feed 'n function. With ultra-reliability.
  9. Old John

    Old John Well-Known Member

    Day in & Day out..........

    The Most Consistent, never Fail to Load, in my
    .45 Colt Commander is 230 gr. FMJ.

    I know it is not the "Stopper" that a HP of any kind is.
    But, If you Put 'Em Where They Need to Be,
    They will do the job.
    Yeah, I know HP's of any Kind are Better!

    But, if you carry a .45acp. And, if you do your Drills, consistently.
    Why Not??
  10. Mad Magyar

    Mad Magyar Well-Known Member

    FMJ...Why? Because Skeeter Skelton & Clint Smith sez so......:D
  11. kmrcstintn

    kmrcstintn Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing that you mean .45 acp...but just in case you're not...

    .45LC aka .45 Colt

    Speer Gold Dot 200 gr Gold Dot; Speer Gold Dot 250 gr Gold Dot; Winchester 225 gr Silvertip; Federal 225 gr lead semiwadcutter hollowpoint; Blazer aluminum case 200 gr jhp (aka cheap Gold Dot)
  12. pbearperry

    pbearperry Well-Known Member

    45 acp ammo

    I have fired many different types of 45 ammo and the most reliable is of course 230 gr jacketed round nose. I have found the most accurate round to be the Winchester Silvertip HP.However if you want a good man stopper ,you can't beat Hydroshocks or Gold Dot ammo.
  13. GunNut

    GunNut Well-Known Member

    230gr Winchester Ranger standard or +P, Federal HST or one of the GoldDot offerings.

    I'm thinking about trying Double Tap's 230gr Gold Dot load once I pick up my next .45ACP.

    TOADMAN Well-Known Member

    In 45 ACP, 230 grn hardball will be the most reliable - will also work with good shot placement
  15. The Lone Haranguer

    The Lone Haranguer Well-Known Member

    I prefer hollowpoints in all cartridges when loaded for self defense. Even with a .45 that is already bigger to start with, if the hollowpoint expands it makes the hole that much bigger, and if it does not it is still a .45 caliber hole. I want all the advantages I can get. ;) I believe hollowpoints to be essential with the 9mm Luger. But, the most important consideration is proper functioning in your gun.
  16. rantingredneck

    rantingredneck Well-Known Member

    The only .45 ACP ammo I've ever had problems with was Remington UMC (Green/white box) 230gr. JHP's. The ones you find at Walmart for about 35.00/100 round pack. When I did my initial tests with my P90 on various ammo brands I had settled on this brand for it's performance (very accurate) and price point. So I bought several hundred rounds and started using it as range ammo. It was just barely cheap enough to do this compared to standard FMJ ammo. But I felt better because I was using my SD load for all my range practice. Well after about 3 or 4 boxes of it I ran across a "bad batch" where I had four rounds out of 100 fail to fire on the first strike. All had good solid firing pin marks, but did not go boom til I rechambered them and dropped the hammer on them a second time. I thought maybe it was just that box, but I bought 2 more boxes and had 10 out of 200 fail on the first strike. Several of them failed entirely and wouldn't fire on the second strike.

    The RO at the indoor range I sometimes frequent told me that UMC ammo suffers from poor QC and poor storage conditions. I have no idea if that is true, just what he told me.

    Since then I've gone to using Hornady TAP in either 200 or 230 gr +P. I don't really find a difference in accuracy, reliability, or felt recoil between the two, so I just buy whatever the shop has in stock at the time. I use Blazer Brass 230 gr. FMJ or my own reloads for range work now. I've found the TAP and the Blazer to work well in my P90, P97, and P345.

    I also had good results with WWB JHP's and with Hornady Custom XTP's.
  17. Ala Dan

    Ala Dan Member in memoriam

    I have found that Hornady T.A.P. JHP's function best in all of my .45 caliber
    self loaders~! :scrutiny: :cool: ;)
  18. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

    Hornady's XTP bullets feed great in all my 1911's. TheTAP looks like it is shaped the same, but I don't know.

    Golden Sabers also feed very well in all my 1911's.

    My Kimber CDP II Ultra eats Gold Dots like candy, but I have not tried them in any other guns.


    It was a tough one today. LSU 41 - Tide 34 :(
  19. possum

    possum Well-Known Member

    welcome to THR, with any ammo gun combo it depends on several things, when i am trying to find a defense rd for a weapon, i go for the big names, goldot, xtp, golden sabers, etc and i get a box or 2 of each and i take em to the range. the first test is reliabilty, 100% if not that load will not be used any futher. shootability, here recoil muzzle rise play into this aspect, will they shoot good at high rates of fire and be controlable. then i go for accracuy. that is the system that i have used and i have never had any issues.
  20. stormspotter

    stormspotter Well-Known Member

    45 ammo

    My best 45 load is a 270 gr. SAA or 265 gr. Keith SWC behind a healthy dose of Unique.

    Shoots great in my New Vaqueros, which I do carry quite often.

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