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45 Competition Ammo

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by kcevans, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. kcevans

    kcevans Member

    I just got a Kimber 45, I have been shooting 9mm in IDPA and using blazers. The 45 is quit abit more in cost and I'm looking for a place that sells reduced power 45 ammo at a fairly decent price.
  2. Igloodude

    Igloodude Well-Known Member

    From what I've seen, the only .45 ammo you're going to see that is lighter than generic hardball is Winchester or Federal target ammo, and that stuff is usually 20% more expensive than hardball.

    You might consider taking up reloading if you're anticipating shooting more than a thousand rounds per year; aside from the cost of the reloader itself you'll spend about 10% per round of what you would have buying hardball, and you can optimize your loads.
  3. Jim Watson

    Jim Watson Well-Known Member

    There is a 185 grain version of WWB and UMC econo-ball that is a bit lighter load than 230 grain hardball. If your gun will feed the flatpoints they use.

    Black Hills does a "remanufactured" 200 grain SWC if your gun will handle that shape. Available from Midway.
  4. model 649

    model 649 Well-Known Member

    I agree with Igloodude's post. I shoot .45's in competition and wouldn't dream of using factory-made ammo. My loads are tuned to the game and very consistent, not to mention far less costly. Match play demands consistency above all else and I like the way every round fired is exactly like the one before it. I make about ten weeks worth of ammo on a sunday for a bit less than half of the discount retail price, using excellent components. Think about it, man.
  5. XD Niner

    XD Niner Well-Known Member

    I use 230 gr Blazer Aluminum FMJ in my Springer for both practice and USPSA. It is plenty accurate for my needs. Natchez will deliver 1000 rounds to your door for about $163.
  6. Harlie

    Harlie Active Member

    If you get serious and start shooting 500/1k a week, reloading is in your future with .45 ACP. 9MM are inexpensive enough that you can get by. Most local stores don't handle ammo in the amounts to meet the demand, to insure a constant, consistant supply of ammo. 4/5 X $163 far exceed my retired income and need to shoot. 6.3 cents per rd or 10.3 cents buying used brass is hard to beat, and affordable for me.
  7. SR_

    SR_ Well-Known Member

    Lancer Custom Ammo will make reduced power .45ACP that is reduced power factor. We tested the ammo in a number of .45 including all of the Glock models, the HK fullsize, Sig 220, Sig 220ST, Sig GSR, and a Springfield. The slide cycled fine in all of the pistols.

    I have not checked his website - last I checked he still did not list the .45 comptition ammo. But I have shot it and in fact I had another 500 rounds delivered on Friday. If it is not on the web, then just call and ask for Mike. He's the owner and he'll take care of you.

    The stuff is soft! Lancer is a big outfit - supplies many police departments for practice and competition ammo. Their ammo is sold in many retailers and by MidwayUSA.

    Give it a try - you will not be sorry.
  8. SR_

    SR_ Well-Known Member

    I just talked with Mike, the guy that owns lancer. I had a chance to try the .45 ACP competition ammo yesterday. It was even softer than I remembered. He said it is a new recipe, it is softer and that it does meet IDPA power factor (165k).

    It is sweat shoot'n stuff. We did try it in a couple of heavy framed pistols - a GSR (1911) and a Sig 220ST. Since it cycled those heavy frames, it should cycle in anything!

  9. Igloodude

    Igloodude Well-Known Member

    Heaven knows I'm no gunsmith, but I think whether the gun cycles with a particular round is dependent more on the weight (poundage? resistance?) of the recoil spring rather than the weight of the slide.

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