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.45 Defensive Ammo Choices

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by JCook5003, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. JCook5003

    JCook5003 Well-Known Member

    Ok guys I am finally settled on buying a 1911 for self defense and have another thread going about which one to buy now my dilema is what barell length I should look into I figure you lose around 100 fps for every inch of barell with a 230 gr round......

    So I could buy an officers model with a 3.00 - 3.25 inch barell or a CCO type 1911 with an officers frame and a 4.00 - 4.50 inch barell.....doesnt seem like it would make a whole lot of difference in concealability.......

    Ok now on the topic at hand....which defensive ammo would you choose for a 3" 1911 and give some specs on it, and maybe a comparison with a 4" 1911 ballistic information along side the 3" balistic information

    The ultimate goal here being, deciding based on balistic information between 3 inch or 4 inch barell lengths

    Thanks Guys
  2. sholling

    sholling Well-Known Member

    Go with the CCO type with the 4" barrel to get a bit better performance from your round of choice. I'd load it with either Speer 230gr Gold Dot for Short Barrels; Federal's LE only 230gr HST or Winchester 230gr Ranger-T. Those are all proven effective from a 4" pistol. If you go 3" then just substitute Federal LE only 230gr Bonded for the HST.
  3. Conqueror

    Conqueror Well-Known Member

    What do you mean by "self defense"?

    CCW? Most folks prefer the smaller 1911s.
    Home defense? 5" is just fine.
  4. Gordon

    Gordon Well-Known Member

    "either Speer 230gr Gold Dot for Short Barrels; Federal's LE only 230gr HST or Winchester 230gr Ranger-T"

    Ditto except; 230 Ranger +p, and Speer 230 Gold Dot 2nd.
  5. Ala Dan

    Ala Dan Member in memoriam

    I like either Winchester SilverTip's or Hornady T.A.P. JHP's, in a .45 caliber
    defensive handgun~! :scrutiny: ;) :D
  6. 1lostinspace

    1lostinspace member

    Winchester ranger T series +P 230 or 185 gr +P Golden Saber Gold Dots there are allot of good loads but there I would choose over others.
  7. 1lostinspace

    1lostinspace member

    I think you might look into what cycles through your gun best most all new jhp will do the job just fine. Shot placement, speed, and cycling is more important.
  8. .357 magnum

    .357 magnum Well-Known Member

    I would get a 4 or 4.5 inch Barrel.

    I own a number of .45's it is my favorite caliber. I am a firm believer in not going under 4 inches in barrel length with a .45. The ammo choices in 230gr are excellent. When you go under 4 inches you start to really cut down on their penetration and expansion. At 230 gr you have The Winchester Ranger T and SXT great penetration and expansion:evil: The Federal HST and Hydra-Shok. The Speer Gold Dot. All of these are great loads. A four inch barrel is still a nice concealable gun. If you go under Four inch about the only Ammo on the market I would trust is the 185gr Remington Golden Saber. The .45 cartridge is calibrated for a 5 inch Barrel because of its lower velocities. That is why I stick with 4-5 Inch Barrels. Take care:)

    The Best to You and Yours!

  9. jungleroy

    jungleroy Well-Known Member

    45-Auto Gold dot slugs make real pretty mushrooms. :)
    I sometimes carry one of my 1911's concealed and , I would not feel undergunned with just the 230 grain ball ammo that I target shoot with.
    You may feel differently, good luck with your search.

    MICHAEL T Well-Known Member

    I have 185 +PCorbon DPX in my Defender Detonics and Commander over a 1000fps from Defender. and good expansion.
    You loose approx 50fps not 100fps per inch when useing 230 gr in shorter barrels
    I have found the compacts run best with 200 or 185 gr.
  11. Big Boomer

    Big Boomer Well-Known Member

    +1 for the Corbon DPX
    +1 for the Golddot

    that being said remember 1911's are FINICKY! So make sure you break in the gun first and make sure it can reliably feed your choice of ammo. You'll need to pony up some cash for enough to trust your life with it.

    Run a few hundred rounds of cheap target stuff to loosen everything up and get it worn in. Then try your defensive stuff.
  12. R&J

    R&J Well-Known Member

    Double Tap 165gr. JHP

    Ballistics : 1325 fps - 643 ft./lbs. - 5" 1911

    These work great in my G21!

    I like the fast, frangible rounds, in an urban setting.

  13. .357 magnum

    .357 magnum Well-Known Member

    The Corbon DPX

    Excellent Ammo for Barrels under 4 inches. I know I said previously I would only trust the Remington Golden Saber at 185gr. But I forgot about Corbon-DPX. Corbon is Excellent Ammo also. So Speer [Gold Dot] makes a 185gr? They make quality ammo. If they do make 185gr where do you get them? I do not see them around Omaha? Thank You Gentleman!

    The Best to All!

  14. bigmike45

    bigmike45 Well-Known Member

  15. GunNut

    GunNut Well-Known Member

    Winchester Ranger T, Federal HST or a load using the 230gr Gold Dot bullet would be my personal choices.

    Check out Tacticalforums.com for more information on recommended loads.
  16. .45acp 1911a1 CCW pistols

    If I were in the market for a new CCW/1911a1 .45acp, I would buy a pstol with a officer model frame and a commander size slide/barrel or maybe a commander size frame and a full size barrel/slide. I think .45acp JHPs work better out of at least a 4" barrel but in fairness many new bullet designs are a vast improvement in short barrel/CCW size .45acp pistols. If I were to carry a .45 I'd use a well made +P 230gr JHP. A Ranger T or Speer Gold Dot(bonded).

    Rusty S :cool:
  17. GunNut

    GunNut Well-Known Member


    You know that is a Government sized gun, right?:neener:
  18. RevolvingCylinder

    RevolvingCylinder Well-Known Member

    Use the stuff you're actually going to put through your pistol and know just where it's going to hit.
  19. 32winspl

    32winspl Well-Known Member

    self-defence ammo for 45acp

    First off, under none but battlefield circumstances, should you use (as someone suggested) full metal jacketed ammo! It WILL absolutely overpenetrate, endangering anyone downrange.
    Ok, what's best? Call your local Police or Sherrif's Dept and ask what ammo they are issued for their duty pistols. Really. Do this. ...And then shoot 100 rounds of that through your pistol to make sure your gun fires it reliably. See, you and your defence pistol aren't just facing a potential criminal. You're facing the bad guy, and the entire legal system, afterward. So you put two in his chest and he's now pushing daisies, and your family is safe. Now you face the DA. Say they find the shooting justifiable. Now, you face the civil suit brought on by the low-life's family. You have to make sure that your choice of ammo is defensable. If you're carrying what the cops use, that takes away from them a huge technicality. Their Defence Attorney can't say that you were just looking to shoot somebody (their good-hearted 9-time loser) with your techno man-killer bullets. Under no circumstances should you ever use any kind of reload.
    My local Sherriff (Wausau, Wisconsin) are issued Remington (.40 cal. )Golden Sabers, the most accurate (.45) in both my old Springfield Armory and current Kimber. Our Police carry Speer Gold Dots. It's all good stuff. Your Police too will carry good stuff!
    You can't go wrong stoking your piece with whatever your local law enforcement officers carry.
  20. Hypnogator

    Hypnogator Well-Known Member

    Riiiight! :rolleyes:

    And if they carry whatever their beancounters find the cheapest? And if it doesn't feed in your weapon? :what::eek:

    Use any premium JHP load that will function flawlessly in your weapon. I prefer Federal 230-gr Tactical Bonded in my PT-145 Millennium Pro, but wouldn't feel a bit uncomfortable with Gold Dots, Golden Sabers, Ranger Ts, or Cor-Bon DPXs, provided I have tested them and found them reliable.

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