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.45 Precision Bullets

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by robctwo, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. robctwo

    robctwo Well-Known Member

    Just set up to load some .45 ACP 200 gr Precision Bullets RNFP. Ran about 200 of them through. They feel good. Not as much drag in the Lee FCD as the Oregon Laser Cast. Also no lube ring so maybe not as much smoke. Will be interested to see how the accuracy matches up.
  2. ocabj

    ocabj Well-Known Member

    I've been using Precision for a few years now. Good stuff.
  3. Fly320s

    Fly320s Well-Known Member

    How about some load data?

    I'm still waiting on an order of 200gr SWCs to come in. I also have some 170gr .40s to load up.
  4. robctwo

    robctwo Well-Known Member

    I'm running 3.9 Clays and 1.24 OAL. That is a little on the light side for my 220 Sport Stock, but should be perfect in the SA Loaded with the reduced recoil spring. I've had pretty good luck with 4.2 gr Clays in the 220. I've loaded SWC and RNFP in 200 gr with 3.9 to 4.2 Clays with good luck.
  5. Fly320s

    Fly320s Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Rob, I'll give that a go when my order gets in.
  6. callgood

    callgood Well-Known Member

    I just chronoed some Precision 230 grain RNFs this past Saturday out of a Sig 220. I used 5.6 grains of Titegroup, Federal 150 Large Pistol primers and once fired Winchester .45ACP brass.

    Thirty rounds averaged 835 fps. Std Dev was 13 (IIRC). Accuracy was good, although I was primarily trying to not shoot my Chrony. After I finished I did whack a bunch of bowling pins @ 15 yards. I want to ease up to 850 fps average, so I bumped the next load to 5.7, but haven't had a chance to test them.

    They are easy to seat uniformly with my Redding competition seater. I'll definitely reorder. Wish they would add a line of .38/.357. They said they were going to, but that was some time ago.
  7. tsp45acp

    tsp45acp Member

    I had probs with Precision bullets leaving the coating in the rifling and grooves of my barrels. Worse than lead. Still have approx 300 of the 1st box of 500 185 gr swc's. Tracy
  8. robctwo

    robctwo Well-Known Member

    I shot a couple hundred of the 200 gr RNFP today through my SA Black Stainless Loaded, SW1911PD commander and Sig 220. Had a bit of an issue with the SA and the OAL. A couple rounds wouldn't seat. Had OAL of 1.24. Set some up at 1.22 and will take to range tomorrow. No trouble at all with them in the SW or Sig. Didn't think they were quite as accurate as either the Oregon Laser Cast 200 gr SWC or the 225 TC. On the other hand they weren't as smoky.

    I have some 9mm that I haven't loaded up yet, and had some SWC back ordered. I'm not giving up on these yet.

    Ran them with 3.9 gr Clays. Nice light loads.

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