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.454 Casull - Big enough for...?

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by FSCJedi, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. FSCJedi

    FSCJedi New Member

    So my question is this: what is the largest game animal that the above cartridge can kill? Most descriptors say "big game", but what types of game max out that category? Can I take it hunting in Africa, for instance?
  2. Anthony T.

    Anthony T. New Member

    About anything could fall to that cartridge. Maybe even dangerous game.
  3. bigbore442001

    bigbore442001 New Member

    To the best of my knowledge, the Big Five have all been taken with that round. Rules in Africa on handgun hunting have changed. In the past it was less restrictive in places like South Africa. Now , and correct me if I am wrong, but they only allow single action revolvers that are scoped or specialty handguns like a Contender or Encore for hunting in that nation.

    So if you have a Ruger SRH, you are SOL.
  4. carnaby

    carnaby New Member

    What are "the big five?"
  5. farscott

    farscott Active Member

    Cape Buffalo, Leopard, Rhino, Elephant, and Lion are the usual set of Big Five dangerous game animals. The .454 Casull in a handgun has been used to take all five on hunts.

    I have also seen a list where the Leopard is replaced by Hippo.
  6. Geno

    Geno Active Member

    According to Larry Kelly ALL

    When I had an FLL I used L. Kelly Mag-Na-PORT as my porting contact.


    According to him, ANY game. He used to convert old Ruger Blackhawk and Super Blackhawks.

    Have you ever fired one?! I used to have one. It was just too much (too sharp) of recoil for my tastes. I also found the ammunition to be needlessly expensive (same factor as with Weatherby ammo). I sold it and bought a Super Blackhawk in .44 Mag. That was plenty for me. Also, I actually prefer an Encore in 45-70 Gov't or .450 Marlin--more power less recoil.

    But, to the original question, anything short of a freight train.

  7. FSCJedi

    FSCJedi New Member

    Well, that's good to know. No, the reason I was wondering was because my wife has told me that I can "most likely" get the 8" barreled Mateba 6 Unica I want when I graduate from AIT (and get my enlistment bonus money). I talked to a guy in Italy who has one and he sent me a video of him firing it. He said (and the video showed) that the recoil of the .454 Casull round is more like a shotgun out of that auto-revolver - it pushes more towards you instead snapping your wrists upward (the video showed maybe a 2-3" rise in muzzle).

    Shame to hear that hunting dangerous game might be limited to single actions, though. I believe shooting it out of the Mateba is the only way I'd be able to handle this cartridge.
  8. farscott

    farscott Active Member

    I have been shooting the .454 Casull since 1995 in both FA revolvers and in a T/C Encore. I found that I did not need the full-power loadings for game in North America (and after a shoulder injury, I could not handle the full-power loads), and settled for a 260-grain LFN at 1200 fps out of my revolver. This load is really in the .45 Colt +P realm, and it shoots very nicely in the FA revolver.
  9. 'Card

    'Card New Member

    I'd say that'd be enough for anything short of a rampaging Rosie O'Donnell.
  10. MCgunner

    MCgunner Active Member

    I reckon if you can afford an African hunt, you can afford a FA revolver or TC pistol. :D Heck, if you hunt Africa much, you probably already have a dozen or so in the gun safe with your collection of $20,000 double rifles.
  11. tyesai

    tyesai New Member

    Especially if there is some ice cream behind you. That is more dangerous than getting between mama bear and her cubs.:D
  12. LeonCarr

    LeonCarr Active Member

    From what I have read, if it walks, runs, slithers, or digs a hole, the .454 Casull can kill it or has killed it :). The .44 Magnum has done it also.

    Just my .02,

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