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45lc cast & Titegroup

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Dunkelheit, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. Dunkelheit

    Dunkelheit Well-Known Member

    Hodgdon recommends 6,2gr max behind a 250gr LFN bullet for Colts and replicas.
    and 9,5gr max behind the 250gr XTP bullet for Ruger and Freedom Arms.

    I want a stronger plinking version of the .45 lc. How much of Titegroup is possible behind a 250gr cast bullet out of my FA Mod83 ?

    Case .454 Starline
    Primer CCI 400
  2. J-Bar

    J-Bar Well-Known Member

    Have you shot those max loads yet?

    I have shot the 6.2grains Titegroup/250 grain bullet out of my Vaqueros. It is not a wimpy load. I would not consider it a plinking load. And you want to go more than 9.5 grains of powder? What are you plinking?

    For any deviation from published loading data, please phone the lab guys at Hodgdon Powder company. They are happy to talk to you.

    Link for contact:

  3. Dunkelheit

    Dunkelheit Well-Known Member

    No i do not want to exceed 9,5gr Titegroup. Actually i shoot 6,0gr and i want to know if more than 6,2gr is possible with cast bullets or if there is a reason why i should pick jacketed bullets.
  4. J-Bar

    J-Bar Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the clarification, sorry I misunderstood your question.

    I have not had any problems using cast lead bullets with Titegroup at 6.2 grains.

    I still think it is a good idea to consult Hodgdon by phone or email if you have a concern.
  5. floydster

    floydster Well-Known Member

    I have never had any luck with Titegroup and cast bullets in any of my guns.

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