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5.56 NATO Piston Upper for AR

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by cyclopsshooter, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. cyclopsshooter

    cyclopsshooter Well-Known Member

    I am starting an AR build, can anyone direct me to a good supplier of piston driven AR upper components?

  2. sarduy

    sarduy Well-Known Member

    check cmmg & bushmaster
  3. Big_E

    Big_E Well-Known Member

    POF and LMT i think has them. Ruger is also introducing a gas piston AR so I do not know if they plan on selling uppers and stripped lowers or if they will just sell the complete rifle.
  4. Sweden

    Sweden Well-Known Member

    Call Matt/Marcey at NorthwestTactical.us.com and get yourself on the wait list for an LWRC. I've got three and soon to-be four.
  5. gvnwst

    gvnwst Well-Known Member

    Do you want a conversion kit, or a completed upper/rifle? For a rifle, check out the aformentioned POF or LMT, they are superb.
  6. SHvar

    SHvar Well-Known Member

    Depends what you are looking for. LWRC are expensive, Im sure very nice.
    POF and Bushmaster are the same rifle, and piston system, minus POFs fluted barrel, and a few other specialty parts. POF has some more tricked out rifles beyond the M-4 model that cost more, and have a nice nickel coating on the receivers.
    Bushmaster has a contract to make the POF gas piston system and Im sure the actual rifles (considering POF cannot import the parts from their Pakistani factory, but Im sure has the facilities to do coatings, and assembly here).
    LMT has a gas piston rifle, in the monolithic rail platform only. Its definitely a smaller lighter built piston system.
    Take a look at them on their websites, and see which fits what you are looking for.

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