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5.56mm AK build

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by jason41987, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. jason41987

    jason41987 member

    instead of making multiple forums for information on my 5.56mm AK build, im just going to ask all my future questions in this one

    so far what i have is a bulgarian AK-74 parts kit, my intention is to convert this to 5.56mm with a new barrel (possibly a custom barrel), new stripped bolt, and galil magazines... since this is a build i can get a pre-bent AK receiver blank and cut out the receiver for the galil mags (i think this will work)

    i want to improve the iron sights on the rifle, probably with tritium, but ive since decided NOT to use a top rail, ill simply get the side rail kit to rivet onto the receiver when i build this rifle

    what im trying to decide on now is what i do with the front end.. about the front sight and muzzle thread block, or whatever its called.. its threaded for AK-74 type brakes... i could keep this as it is, i believe AK-74 brakes should work fairly well for 5.56mm?... or could i find a different piece that offers the 1/2x28 threads for standard AR15 type muzzle breaks?.. my other option would be to cut the threads off the front sight block and have the barrel itself threaded for the muzzle brake

    im also considering combining the front sight block and gas block to save a tad more weight, and get more metal off the end of the barrel in hopes of improving accuracy (but im not sure if thatll have any effect or not, decreasing the sight radius may have an adverse effect)

    and the last option im trying to decide on right now is the stock... im not sure if i want to go with a fixed polymer stock (i have a trunnion for a fixed stock) or if i want to purchase the hardware for a side-folder, and if i do im not sure if i want to go with a right side folder with a triangle stock, left side folder with a polymer stock, or perhaps find an aftermarket stock thatll give me the option of a raised cheek-weld... i could also get the ace modular "trunnion" which would rivet into the receiver in place of the standard rear trunnion, but allows me to attach an ACE modular hinge mechanism to either side

    so.. any advice, suggestions, or ideas for this build?
  2. TheGloriousTachikoma

    TheGloriousTachikoma Well-Known Member

    The only problem is that there are various different patterns of .223 AKs since there was no Warsaw-standardization. The most often used Bulgarian barrels are not only a slightly different enough contour that gas blocks and sights don't interchange, but the .223 barrels use a different trunnion size (23mm versus 22mm). so you need a dressed .223 barrel and a 23mm trunnion, and a .223 bolt because the Bulgarian .223 barrels and trunnions have just enough dimensional difference that an AK-74 bolt won't work.

    You have two options:
    1- Contract someone to produce an AK-74 contour .223 barrel.
    2- buy a used SLR-106 or WASR-3 or Saiga .223

    As to the sight/gas block, the difference will be negligible. If anything the front sight at the end of the barrel will help reduce barrel whip by adding mass to resist motion. It's especially negligible if you want to retain the 74 brake and you'll need something to keep the brake on anyway. You can negate the sight radius issue though with a Tech Sight or a dustcover rail from TWS or Krebs.
  3. jason41987

    jason41987 member

    actually ive seen 22mm 5.56mm barrels, but im not sure what the quality is on them so i was thinking of just having a custom barrel contoured to a heavier contour

    interesting theory on the sie reducing whip, hmm...what is the diameter of the threads on the end of the sight? i wonder if its possible to machine them off and rethread it for a standard 1/2x28mm brake... hmm
  4. jason41987

    jason41987 member

    what if i welded up the face of the bolt head a bit, then machined it for the 5.56mm cartridge?... id have the bolt body that would fit the rifle and the trunnion perfectly, id only need to get a 5.56mm barrel for a 22mm trunnion (they exist) or get a more high quality barrel blank and have it custom contoured... and i read galil mags wont work with the 5.45 bullet guides, however i can get a .223 bullet guide designed to convert 5.56mm AKs and saigas to use galil mags.. $15 for this part and im good to go with the cheap galil mags

    would there be any adverse effects to simply using the standard AK-74 thread muzzle breaks and flash suppressors on the AK-74 5.56mm build?
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2013

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