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5" 686 w/short shroud

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by Checkman, Nov 2, 2004.

  1. Checkman

    Checkman member

    Looking through the latest issue of G&A last night. Saw a picture of a 5" 686 with a short ejector rod shroud. It looked like it came from the factory. Anyone know anything about this? It looked very nice.
  2. jeff-10

    jeff-10 Well-Known Member

  3. Checkman

    Checkman member

  4. Erich

    Erich Well-Known Member

    May just be the perfect .357 mag . . .
  5. Bob C

    Bob C Well-Known Member

    I have one, and love it. I did replace the rear sight, however. It was a shallow "u" kind of thing which I had problems getting accustomed to.

    The front light gathering sight works fine for me, though.
  6. albanian

    albanian member

    That looks like a good idea! It has the 5" bbl which is a great comprimise between the 4" and the 6" and it has the half lug so the extra bbl weight seems more like a 4" full underlug. I don't like under lugs so removing them is a great idea! :D
  7. phorvick

    phorvick Well-Known Member

    I also have one...it is an excellent gun. Very accurate (no surprise) nice SA trigger out of the box; and a rather pretty thing to look at also!
  8. Checkman

    Checkman member

    It's very eye catching, but in the past year I've purchased seven .357 revolvers( 3 x M28's, 1x 686 plus, 1 x M27 w/5' bl and a GP100 6"). It's time to get a .22 semi-auto. It's a matter of economics. After that I'm probably going to buy a Glock 30 for work (I'm a cop and we're going to Glock 21's, but as an investigator I can carry the 30 in plain clothes). I've been on a wheel gun binge but now it's time to get back to the grown up world. But one of these years I'll hear the cry of the six shooter again and I'll run out into the night to howl at the moon. Okay that's cheesy, but you understand what I'm saying.
  9. Ohen Cepel

    Ohen Cepel Well-Known Member

    Great looking gun!

    How do those of you with the large orange site like it?
    Seems like it would make precision work hard.

    I have many Smith .357 and love them!
    Don't like the internal lock that they have been putting on stuff though. Does this model have one? The web page didn't mention it. Hope not.
  10. Marshall

    Marshall Well-Known Member

    It does have a heavy barrel (HB) so the half lug is all it needs and, I imagine that's just for looks and to protect the ejector rod.
  11. phorvick

    phorvick Well-Known Member

    1. yes, has the lock; I lost the key :)

    2. my AARP eligible eyes really like the hi-viz sight

    3. only complaint is that it is too addictive to shoot and is costing me ammo$ that I could spend on other guns
  12. First Person Shooter

    First Person Shooter Active Member

    I would make a few changes.

    1) hate the front sight...it looks a bit like a toy
    2) Bead blast, it's too shiny
    3) I'd really like to see one with an unfluted cylinder

    I do love the short shroud, always have.
  13. Lone Star

    Lone Star Well-Known Member

    The five-inch .357 is a good compromise barrel length. But I don't like the lock on these guns. The timing on these 7-shot guns is reputed to wear faster.

    The L-frame with this standard barrel lug/extractor rod shroud is due to replace the Models 65 and 66. Those were built on the K-frame.

    Lone Star
  14. albanian

    albanian member

    "1) hate the front sight...it looks a bit like a toy"

    S&W HAD to go to this sights because the other type was lsting too long and not breaking soon enough. :rolleyes:

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