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5 easy steps to defend your Second Amendment rights:

Discussion in 'Activism' started by HowardW56, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. HowardW56

    HowardW56 New Member

    5 easy steps to defend your Second Amendment rights:

    - Take Action at http://firearmspolicy.org/take-action
    - Take a position on every bill at http://firearmspolicy.org/the-issues
    - Join or donate at http://firearmspolicy.org/join
    - Tweet the President: "Pres. @BarackObama, our #2A right to keep & bear arms for self-defense is NOT NEGOTIABLE! I oppose all new #guncontrol."

    Have you signed our petition telling Congress "NO MORE!" to gun control? Please take 30 seconds and SEND A MESSAGE TODAY! These powerful tools are not cheap, but we're picking up 100% of the cost so that you can make your voices heard because it's critically important to the survival of our rights. If not now, when?

    Follow the Firearms Policy Coalition at:



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  2. HowardW56

    HowardW56 New Member

  3. joeschmoe

    joeschmoe Well-Known Member

    3 posts all about a new org?
    Do you get paid to shill for them?
  4. HowardW56

    HowardW56 New Member

    Firearms Policy Coalition - Member Orginizations

    FPC Member Organizations


    Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA)

    Second Amendment Foundation (SAF)


    CA – California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees (Cal-FFL)

    CA – The Calguns Foundation (CGF)

    FL – Florida Carry, Inc. (FC)

    HI – Hawaii Defense Foundation (HDF)

    IL – Illinois Carry (IC)

    MA - Commonwealth Second Amendment (Comm2A)

    NJ – New Jersey Second Amendment Society (NJ2AS)

    TX – Lone Star Shooting Association (LSSA)

    WV – West Virginia Citizens Defense League (WVCDL)

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