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52gr. A-max

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by .22cal, Sep 18, 2005.

  1. .22cal

    .22cal New Member

    does anyone have a good load for .22-250ai with 52gr. A-max?
  2. Joemidd

    Joemidd Well-Known Member

    This is for 22-250 Remington
    38 grains of h380. starting load is 35.5-39.2max this is out of sierra Infinity Richard lee list38.0-41.0 in modern reloading 2nd edition. 38 grains oh h380 will give aprox. 3500 feet per sec. My 700vls loves 38.0 grains of H380 with sierra 52grainMatchking and fed gold metal 210 primers
    The follwing info is out of a Lee moden reloding 2 with 52grain A-max
    hVarget 34.0-36.0
    H4895 32.5-35.5
    H380 38.0-41.0c
    bl-c(2) 31.0-34.0
    H414 37.0-40.0
    h335 31.0-33.5
    H4350 39.0c-41.0c
    H322 29.0-31.0
    C=compressed charge
    I have got pressure signs before reaching max loads several times using this manual. With lee Max means just that :evil:
    I hope this helps

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