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625 Shooters

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by amprecon, Dec 31, 2002.

  1. amprecon

    amprecon Well-Known Member

    I would like to know from those that have 625's what they're favorite load is for it. I don't seem to get very good accuracy using the standard 230gr. acp with the moon clips. However, I loaded some auto-rim cases and used 6.0 grains of Unique with a 255gr lswc and it shot accurately but recoil seemed to be much more than with the 230gr with 6.0 or even 7.0 grains of Unique. Of all the 625 owners, how many of you reload? For those that don't, what has been your most accurate off-the-shelf fodder?
    Something else, I installed a set of larger hardwood grips with the finger grooves and it battered my thumb knuckle quit a bit, anyone else with this experience? I think I might put the stock rubber ones back on to alleviate this, at least with this load.
  2. duncan

    duncan Well-Known Member

    My 4" 625 shoots most ammo greatly.

    Must admit that I prefer to to shoot 185 and 200 grain LSWC and CPSWCs in mine.

    3.8 grains of Clays and a 200 grain Rainier CPSWC or 4.5 grains of TiteGroup and a 230 grain Rainier CPRN gets me one to two inch groups at 25 yards offhand.

    Macx load of W2312 and a 200 grain LSWC is very accurate out to 50 yards for me getting me 2-3 inch groups offhand.

    Sorry but I only shoot rifles off of a bench or rested.

    But the 625 is my favorite revolver and several;)

    I only have wood grips on my SW Model 17 revolver in .22lr.

    Rubber grips for all of my big bores including my Redhawk.
  3. charleym3

    charleym3 Well-Known Member

    My most accurate load has been with 4.8 gr of WW 231 and a 225 gr Truncated cone bullet from Laser cast. We're talking one ragged hole at 25 yards.
  4. Bob C

    Bob C Well-Known Member

    Try one of the 200 grain SWC's with either Unique, Universal Clays, or Blue Dot. My best accuracy comes with loads in the middle of the spreads in the manuals

    I particularly like the 205 grain SWC's from Dry Creek Bullets, which are the H&G 68 style.
  5. JoeHatley

    JoeHatley Well-Known Member

    200 grain SWC cast
    4.5 grains Bullseye
    Consistent length, heavily chamfered cases
    Federal 150 primers

    I've found this load to be very accurate out to 75 yards in every .45 I have.

    Good Luck...

  6. moxie

    moxie Well-Known Member

    Try the 230 gr. RNL cast bullet over

    5.0 grs. Unique. Same load for either the ACP or AR shoots straight in my 5" 625-3 with Hogue grips. Mild recoil. If you have the old Pachmayr Grippers, suggest replacing them with the Hogue. Much better. Good luck!
  7. Stephen A. Camp

    Stephen A. Camp Moderator In Memoriam

    Hello. I've not tried too many 230 gr JHPs in the AR cases, but the 230 Gold Dot over 7.2 gr Unique did pretty well.

    255 gr CSWC over 6 gr. Unique...

  8. zeke

    zeke Well-Known Member

    Most accuate short range (25 yds) load tried so far in 625 5 in and 4 in Mt gun was 185 gn short nose swc, over 5.0 gns hp-38 in Win 45 acp case.

    Also very pleasant shooting
  9. Tamara

    Tamara Senior Member


    Which wooden grips did you install? I've found the Hogues to be quite comfy, myself...

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