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7.65 1914 Automatic Pistol "STOSEL" Patent

Discussion in 'Firearms Research' started by 308sc, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. 308sc

    308sc Well-Known Member

    My grandfather had one of these, he traded and old .22 revolver to an old WWI veteran for it. Can anyone tell me anymore about it? Is it Rare? how much is it worth?
  2. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    Stossels were made by Retolaza Hermanos of Eibar Spain prior to WWII.

    Most were cheap copies of Browning & Colt guns.

    Almost zero collector value, other then what it might be worth as a poor quality shooter you cannot get parts for anywhere.

  3. 308sc

    308sc Well-Known Member

    where can I buy another? the one he has shoots good and if it had no value I should be able to get one cheap right?
  4. Jim K

    Jim K Well-Known Member

    Not meaning any offense to anyone, but this is the kind of gun history that happens all the time. Just because a gun was owned by a war veteran, some folks assume that it is somehow connected with his military service. In some cases, this is true, but in most cases it is simply a gun owned by someone who was in the service. It might have been part of a collection, or a hunting gun, or a defense gun, there is no way to tell.

    I have known many WWII veterans who owned .45 M1911/A1 pistols; a few were "bringbacks" (stolen), but most had been bought after the war when they were selling for $29.95, mail order. I have known vets who owned everything from Paterson Colts to Glocks, none of which had any connection with the man's military service. One WWII vet I knew (sadly gone now) collected Civil War carbines. People were continually asking if that Merrill or Burnside was "what you carried in the war."

    Families also often misunderstand or are misled. I once met the widow of a man who had been on Omaha Beach on D-Day; she showed me the carbine she said he had carried in that historic landing. Out of respect for the lady I did not comment, but I rather doubt her husband carried an 1873 trapdoor carbine into France.

    So, a gun owned by a veteran is just that, a gun owned by a veteran. Unless it has some special - and documented - history, it is worth no more than the same gun owned by someone who never wore a uniform.

  5. Ron James

    Ron James Well-Known Member

    In excellent condition the Stosel is listed at 200, down to 50 in poor. Not rare, maybe scarce since they did not survive the 1936 Spanish civil war. If you shop the gun shows you will find another or else a copy. While the major Spanish gun makers used steel that was as good as any used in Europe at the time, this was not true of the small cottage type gun makers such as Retolaza, In many cases the steel used was in reality " cast steel " and very inferior. Parts will wear very rapidly. Because the final fitting was done by hand using files and a grinder parts will ofter not interchange, even between two guns of the same type and maker. Used parts from parts guns ( and there are a lot of them) are the only parts source other than magazines, and even current made magazines ofter will not function. Most of these Eibar guns are best used in a wall display and not fired. Your choice, with ten fingers a couple can always be spared.:)
  6. 308sc

    308sc Well-Known Member

    understood....about the veteran thing...I don't know where he got it. I was just mentioning it I was not saying he brought it back or anything. well thank you all for answering my question. I just thought it was a neat little gun that I would try to find information about.


  7. Famaldehide Face

    Famaldehide Face Well-Known Member

    What does this pistol look like?
  8. 308sc

    308sc Well-Known Member

  9. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    Here ya go!

    Bottom line is you can't post pics directly into most any website like THR. They usually just don't have the server capacity to hold a gazillion pictures.

    You need to sign up to a free photo hosting site like Photobucket.com, upload your pictures there, then post the link to it in your THR post.

  10. 308sc

    308sc Well-Known Member

    thank you RCmodel

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