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7 more hogs with pics

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by St. Gunner, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. St. Gunner

    St. Gunner Well-Known Member

    Here are 7 more hogs from today, i'll attach the story in a bit, I just typed it and Word decided to lock up on me. So i'm gonna post the pics and then edit in the story in a bit...This takes the group I hunt with to 43 for the year.

    Went hunting at Dewees today, Ron and DC came down and I took Maggie along because i'd promised her we'd go hunting, then Calvin called and wanted to take dogs. We hadn't hardly got started and Ron winded this boar, took off at a dead run and bayed him up before the dogs ever had a chance. Ok well maybe it didn't happen just like that, maybe the dogs barked, anyway he wasn't any slacker of a hog and we rewarded him staying to fight with a compliment of catch dogs. Mr. Mason we where going to take him alive, but DC tried to castrate him and you know what happened next.[:D]

    He would be the last easy hog of the afternoon, we got to the 5acres of river bottom we where to hunt and it sorta looked like a harder version of hell for hog hunters. It was some nasty matted weeds that sorta looked like jumping cactus without thorns and you couldn't hardly walk in it. Let alone see, shoot i'd rather hunt whitebrush at night than mess around in that stuff, talk about Un-nerving... Well we managed to kill 7 total but none of them went like clockwork. I watched one large sow drag Sasha and Bud about 200yds when they tried to stop her with Bubba barking. I finally cut Bandit and T loose to hold her from about 300yds out just so she didn't drag em to the river and drown em cause she wouldn't stop moving. Maggie got to get up close and personal with her, I stuck her without anyone else around with Maggie on my shoulders in foot deep water. Maggies comment was, "That was cool, but we probably shouldn't tell Mommy."[;)] Then I impressed Ron with a 9mm pistol shot from a long ways off, didn't drop him in place, but he didn't go to far.[;)]

    Then the event that just made Rons day... I was down in this bottom and Maggie was with DC, the dogs had a hog bayed and the bay dogs kept getting smacked around, they where not trying to catch, but they couldn't get away. So I slipped in and realized the catch dogs couldn't find the sucker in that mess, he blew past me at about 10' and I never saw a thing but the weeds shake. So about that time some dogs open up right next to me, so I lean over and go to pull the brush apart to see what they have and shoot it when my whole world got turned upside down. I felt this solid smack and next thing I knew I was laying on the ground and Ron is yelling, "Are you ok? Are you cut?" When I answered, "I'm ok, but its gonna leave a mark." Being the nice sweat compassionate person he is, he starts laughing....[:D] Then before I can even get home I have Thomas calling me asking how it felt and laughing at me... Just remember boys and girls, payback aint always fun...[:D][;)]


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  2. Itote

    Itote Well-Known Member

    Way to go man! Cant wait till my little girl gets old enough to go :)
    Anywho,keep'em comin.
    I arrowed a boar that was about 2 and a quarter with 3 inch teeth this past weekend,but the picture is to large to fit in the THR message deal.If i figure out how to compress it I'll post.
  3. P95Carry

    P95Carry Moderator Emeritus

    Oh my - what a session eh! Great results. Wish we had that sorta huntin' up here - always appealed.
    Ouch!!! :p
  4. ezypikns

    ezypikns Well-Known Member

    Do Ya'll Eat 'Em?

    I haven't killed one yet. I've heard some folks say they stink so bad they don't want to clean them. Do they eat O.K.?
  5. 41 Mag

    41 Mag Well-Known Member

    Sounds Familiar...

    Looks like you all had a good hunt, despite getting up close and personal. that is one advantage about this time of year though your generally in more clothes and it sometimes offers a little more protection. However it can just as easily work the other way too.

    You little hunting pardner is going to grow up to be like mine. Won't be long till she will be knocking on whooping up on ol dad. LOL Here is mine two weeks before delivering my grandson,
    She shot it, loaded, and hauled it to the processor, against everyone's order's .

    She loves hog hunting also, and makes me nervous having raised them in Ag she doesn't take much off of them. Heck she has made some men I seen look bad.

    You will see, if "Mom" doesn't intervien. LOL Great that she like spending time in the outdoors.

    Last edited: Feb 5, 2005
  6. landon74

    landon74 Well-Known Member

    That sounds like a good time, and nice pics!
  7. sturmruger

    sturmruger Well-Known Member

    Sometimes I wish we had hogs around here!! It looks like a ton of fun to hunt those things.
  8. Itote

    Itote Well-Known Member

    Hey ST. Gunner, where is divine Texas at? Or should I say what is it close to?

    I've always wanted to hunt the Texas brush country, guess it's from watching all those old Cowboy movies :D
  9. XD40EZO

    XD40EZO Well-Known Member


    is there any limitation on kills? can you kill as many as you want?

    St. Gunner... by the of the year, with all your kills, hogs will be in the list of extinction... just like dinosaurs...

    ...do they reproduce fast? just curious... make sure you leave us some hogs to shoot...

  10. St. Gunner

    St. Gunner Well-Known Member


    Devine is just South of San Antonio towards Laredo on IH35.


    No limitation on kills in Texas, actually no regulation at all. You can shoot em day or night, blow em up, run em over, do whatever you wish. They are a huge problem here, billions in damage to crops, livestock, vehicles, and farm equipment.

    As to wiping them out, its a dream of some folks to see it happen, but unless disease sets in, we are going to have to live with them. A mature sow can have roughly 3 litters per year, here that is roughly 6 pigs per litter so 18 head out of each sow every year. They can breed as young as 4 months old. I don't think rats breed that fast... So what it means is a sow has a litter in Jan., by December she will have had 18 pigs, her first litters offspring will have had 2 litters by then if half of them where sows that is 3 sows from the 1st litter at six per litter, that is 36 more out them. The original sows 2nd litter will get in one litter by the end of the year so that is 12 more. Now the first litters sows will have dropped 12 the first time and half will be sows and they will raise one litter by the end of the year so that is 36. So each sow and her offspring can produce 102 pigs per year roughly.(you may need to check my math)

    So since the first of the year as of today(we killed 2) I have been in on the killing of 53 head. At this rate at about 80 days into the year we might have caught up and killed the production of one sow for the year. So sometime around March 20th. Then it'll slow down because it is hot... We'llbe lucky to kill 200head this year, so two sows worth of pigs... Alot of times I see 150+ head of hogs in a 10 mile stretch of road. If that is 75 sows, that is 7,650 offspring per year... That is the ones I see off the roadway... Who knows how many are in the brush...

    If I ever get good enough to drive them to extinction, I will have become a true master hunter.

  11. XD40EZO

    XD40EZO Well-Known Member

    St. Gunner,

    What do y'all do with the kills? Are they good for consumption?
  12. St. Gunner

    St. Gunner Well-Known Member

    The guys I hunt with, we donate most of it to some Children's homes. It is good to eat unless you get a really nasty rank smelling boar and even they can be made into pretty good eating if you know what you are doing. On occasion we leave one lay, but it is normally when the dogs have been caught for a long time and really ruined alot of the meat anyway.

    I prefer wild pork over the store bought variety, as I type this I have a set of loins on the pit cooking with Sesame Ginger seasoning from Lowery's. It is just like anything, if you treat it properly upon killing it, the flavor is good.

    I've found I really enjoy bowkilled hogs when they have not been spooked. If I shoot when the wind is gusting, or I have background noise they seldom realize they have been hit and simply walk off because they feel bad. Then they lay down, bleed out and die. Pork is best when it has been well bled, the blood leads to a strong flavor I don't care for. So what I do if I notice a red tinge to the meat is lay it on ice in an icechest with the drain open and then cover it with ice. As the ice melts over a couple days it pulls the blood out. Just be sure to keep putting in fresh ice to keep it cool.

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