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$700 Glocks and XDs??? Let the post election price gouging begin!

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by StrikeFire83, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. StrikeFire83

    StrikeFire83 Well-Known Member

    So I was over at Gander Mountain to buy some ammo this morning on "Saturday Morning Doorbuster" and I looked in the gun cases...good LORD. Glocks and XDs for $699.99. They also had a bare bones AUTO ORDINANCE 1911 for $699.99!!! :what: I mean Gander's prices on handguns have always been way to high....but this is just gouging. People who use this place for anything more than showrooming are throwing their money in the garbage.

    The deal I got on the ammo is middling...works out to about $12 per 50 round box...but I bought a thousand rounds of the stuff because I know the hillbillies are going to be out in force buying up everything in sight due to the election results.
  2. sanforb

    sanforb Member

    I thought that was their normal prices. :D

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  3. StrikeFire83

    StrikeFire83 Well-Known Member

    ^ Are their normal prices really THAT high? I haven't been in there for more than a year so. When big box retailers do stuff like this it makes me feel just fine about going in there and buying nothing but sale items/using their showroom and then buying somewhere else.
  4. fxstchewy

    fxstchewy Well-Known Member

    Gander is WAY to high on their firearms prices, to be honest, i don't see how they stay in business, i can buy ANYTHING they have for less somewhere else.
    ALL of my LGS's have better deals.
  5. StrikeFire83

    StrikeFire83 Well-Known Member

    Yup, ALL of my guns have been purchased from various local gun shops. Unfortunately, Gander still beats them on ammo...from time to time when they have a "super sale."
  6. CPO15

    CPO15 Well-Known Member

    GM's prices in my area are always full manufacturer's list price. I've only bought twice from them when my LGS cannot get what I want from his distributors; GM usually can find one from another store or their distributors. Costs me about $100.00 more. Plus, it takes about 40 minutes to do the paperwork, background, their in-house paperwork and second review of all that stuff. They are polite, helpful and personable: kinda like getting your car repaired at the dealership rather than at a local garage.

    Ammo could be had at a reasonable price but, I haven't found a deal there in the past ten months.
  7. smalls

    smalls Well-Known Member

    I go there sometimes, but pretty much just to browse and kill time. I can't recall a single time I've bought anything there, besides maybe a bore brush.
  8. maskedman504

    maskedman504 Well-Known Member

    It is only gouging if you buy it. :cool:
  9. 481

    481 Well-Known Member

    Looks like it is time to post one of my milled Arsenal AK47s on GB for $8000.

  10. StrikeFire83

    StrikeFire83 Well-Known Member

    ^ Yeah, really. Some people are so stupid. Barack Obama, I didn't vote for him...I don't like him...but he can't pass legislation by fiat. I'm not paying $700 for a $500 Glock just because he got elected.
  11. Josh45

    Josh45 Well-Known Member

    Yep, Sounds about right for GM.
    Everything is over priced. Auto Ordinance 1911 @ LGS is $499. Its a shame GM is absolutely insane with their prices as one was built 50-60 miles from me, I have only been there twice. Once cause I went to see what it had and the second time because my brother wanted to see......Never again...
  12. CPshooter

    CPshooter Well-Known Member

    I actually came from the new Gander Mt. store that opened recently here in Cary, NC. The prices on handguns were very high. They wanted $699 for most of their Glocks. I told them straight up they were too high and I even offered them $600 out the door for a Glock 34 that I was ready to buy. I let them know that they could either move a gun today, or I would go find it for less online and transfer it to my local FFL guy for $20. When I mentioned this, the guy helping me started getting nervous and then started rambling on about how nobody does it for less than $50 (total BS as my guy charges $20) and the reason they charge more is because they are a real store. I told him that I didn't really care because I prefer my guns to be completely unhandled and fresh from the distributor/factory anyhow. In other words, being able to see the gun first was not that important to me as long as I knew it was new in the box. He then said he didn't think they could do it, but he was going to check with his manager just in case. Turns out they didn't have any more gen 3's in the back anyhow, and I wasn't willing to take the display model so we didn't go any further with the negotiation process. I still wonder if it's even possible to haggle with these guys. Not sure how they can make any sales with prices like this.
  13. Girodin

    Girodin Well-Known Member

    You'd have to be an idiot to pay $700 for a glock.

    I'll buy from local brick and mortar stores and pay a bit more at times to see and inspect an item, but not at absurd prices.
  14. oneounceload

    oneounceload member

    There is NO SUCH THING AS GOUGING - please take a class on econ 101 and study supply and demand.

    NO one is forcing you to buy a damn thing; in reality,
    the buyer ultimately sets the price for ANY goods sold - period

    As to the seller, asking and getting are two different scenarios
  15. StrikeFire83

    StrikeFire83 Well-Known Member

    ^Okay, well, metaphysically and economically speaking I guess you're correct. But I pity the folks, usually those new to shooting, who walk into a Gander Mountain and pay $699.99 for a Glock 19. Sooner or later they're going to realize that they paid a big box retailer an extra $200 for the pleasure of doing business with them.
  16. psyopspec

    psyopspec Well-Known Member

    That's $.24 per round. Have you considered looking at Midway, Ammoman, or AmmmunitionToGo? You can do it solo or go in with a buddy on a bulk buy and get it shipped to your door for around (and sometimes less than) $.20.

    Also, you wanted to avoid panic buying, so you... panic bought? Makes sense.
  17. PabloJ

    PabloJ Well-Known Member

    That is about the worst place to buy ammo unless one just needs one box and there is no other place to go.
  18. tarosean

    tarosean Well-Known Member

    Your own state has laws against such.

    Course it centers around a state of emergency i.e. Hurricanes, etc. None-the-less for something that dont exist.. Im sure they had a valid reason for passing such law?

    Back to the discussion, I seriously dont know how GM stays in business with their prices.

    There is one located near me, next to an Academy. The Academy parking lots are full all the time, GM looks like its just the employee vehicles every single time I drive by..

    Personally all these chicken little threads are getting out of hand.
  19. HDCamel

    HDCamel Well-Known Member

    Last time I went to GM (Thursday) the Glocks were all $550-ish.
    It really doesn't matter though. I'm not going to buy one anyway.
  20. hAkron

    hAkron Well-Known Member

    GM had a lot of trade in HK P7's. I got one last December for $599. That's the ONLY deal I've ever seen them have.

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