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700 SPS Varmit

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by JimJD, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. JimJD

    JimJD Well-Known Member


    I was just looking at this week's Dick's Sporting Goods ad.
    They have an "OD Green 700 SPS Varmit Combo" in .223, 22.-250, and .308 topped with an 4-12x40 Scope. $550.00 out the door, ends up being $500.00 after the rebate. Sound good?
    Are they free-floated? Anything else I should know? Thanks! :D

    * Oooooo. Need to call the store to see if they have any in stock.
  2. gotime242

    gotime242 Well-Known Member

    Yes, id jump all over it.
  3. n00b

    n00b Well-Known Member

    Yea I would too...
    I need to look into that.
  4. JimJD

    JimJD Well-Known Member

    I jumped on it. :D
    Went with the .223 version for a couple of reasons. I'm very excited, can't write too much, must look at new rifle! I'll be back in a little bit...
  5. onehitwonder

    onehitwonder Well-Known Member

    I put a stainless fluted one on layway. not floated but comes with there new version of the xmark pro trigger that is user adjustable. I got the 220 swift.
  6. codybrown

    codybrown Well-Known Member

    How does the rebate work? Does it come on other Remington's also?
  7. JimJD

    JimJD Well-Known Member

    It turns out Dick's advertised the "rebate" incorrectly. The rifle with scope cost $500.00 period, no rebate needed. The rebate was for some Remington turkey hunting items.
    Down the road, I'll change the scope, maybe the bases too. I need to contact Remington about the scope bases, they look like a picatinny type. Actually, I have a few questions for Remington. My specimen also came with an x-mark pro trigger. I'm just not sure what version it is, or if there is just one type out there. I could see swapping the stock down the road, but I'll see what happens. Maybe a barrel de-resonator?

    Here's something else though... the rifle has a 1 in 12 twist. For some reason, I'm remembering it can stabilize bullets in the 40-55 grain range, right? Or am I totally wrong?

    The most important thing to do, is just get myself to the range and see how this rifle shoots out of the box! :D

    After some cleaning first...
  8. husker

    husker Well-Known Member

    no i think your right=40-50 grains. 40 is what i shoot out of my rem mohawk. 3500-3600 fps. its a flat shooting round. great for old wile coyotes
  9. LTR shooter

    LTR shooter Well-Known Member

    I bought one of the .223 SPS Varmints from Dick's too back in late 2007. They would go on sale a few times a year and mine had a $30 rebate at the time too.

    Really impressed with the accuracy of this rifle , it was shooting good right out of the gates! I installed mine in a spare HS stock I had and now am trying it out in my B&C Medalist stock. Mine shoots exceptionally well with reloads using the 52 grain Sierra MatchKing.

    A fantastic shooting rifle and good bargain in today's gun market!
  10. GardDog223

    GardDog223 Well-Known Member

    My only comment was going to be similar to LTR's. The only drawback to the great deal on the 700 SPS is the stock. Spend some money on a HS Precision stock and you won't believe the difference.

  11. onehitwonder

    onehitwonder Well-Known Member

    40 to 55 gr should be ok. the difference in the xmark pro triggers is old one is not externally adjustable. new one has an external adjustment screw on the trigger
  12. JimJD

    JimJD Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the information that's come in so far everybody!

    Since I can't pick up any locally (besides the other stuff I have already), I placed an order for some Hornady Varmit Express. One loading is topped with a 40 grain V Max bullet and the other being the 55 grain version. Didn't go with the moly's, I need to learn more about it. I remember reading about moly coated bullets being harder to clean after they go through a barrel?

    The other round types I'll be using/testing are of the 55 grain FMJ variety(it's all I have right now), all .223, not 5.56. S&B, Remington UMC, and Federal (American Eagle) are the brands/types that will be cming to the range. My 5.56 stuff will be staying home that day. Unless I bring the Stag Carbine... she's been feeling lonely lately. :D
  13. JimJD

    JimJD Well-Known Member

    Anyone know who made the "Remington" scope, rings and bases that came with my rifle? The inside of the windage adjustment cap said "Made in China", which did not surprise me.
    Oh, and I looked at the HS stocks. They're so nice. But I can't afford that much! What would be a good alternative?
  14. LTR shooter

    LTR shooter Well-Known Member

    I aquired my HS stock on eBay and managed to get it for less than $200 , but that was a few years ago too.

    An alternative is the Bell & Carlson Medalist which also has the HS style bedding block , I have my SPS Varmint in a B&C now. The plain black version I have was about $200 last year.
  15. JimJD

    JimJD Well-Known Member


    I still haven't been able to go to the range with the SPS Varmit. It's been almost two weeks...:( But hey, it could be much worse. :D

    I still need to contact Remington and not only ask who made the scope it came with, but who made the rings and bases. I'm currently shopping around for those three items. I've had good experiences with Burris rings... Hmmm.
  16. Redneck with a 40

    Redneck with a 40 Well-Known Member

    I prefer the shorter barrel of the tactical, which is what I bought.

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