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765 Hijos De A. Echeverria pistol ID....

Discussion in 'Firearms Research' started by binskyhere, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. binskyhere

    binskyhere Member

    I have a pistol that was my great uncle's. Here is the info. from it:

    Cal .765 Hijos De A. Echeverria-Eibar 1912 Vesta Patent Serial# 102371

    Can anyone please help me identify it? Also, it there a place I can a spring for it? Thanks for the help!
  2. SDC

    SDC Well-Known Member

    You've already got all the information on the slide; this is a "Vesta Model 1912" pocket pistol (it's actually an enlarged copy of the Browning Model 1906 Vest Pocket), made by Hijos D. Angel Echevarria ("the children of Angel Echevarria") of Eibar, Spain, sometime before 1936; the company went out of business during the Spanish civil war, but specialized in making what are known as "Ruby"-type pistols, for sale to the French army during WW1. Since a lot of these pistols were made with a lot of hand-fitting, an off-the-shelf part may not work properly, but you can always try Numrich (e-gunparts). Which specific spring is broken or missing?
  3. Ron James

    Ron James Well-Known Member

    Have you heard the term " Ruby Type" pistol?. Well you don't have the type , you have an original Ruby pistol that should have French acceptance markings, which should be a circleHE, look onthe bottom of the Magazine . Bonifacio Echeverrria SA Known to the world as " Star " was one of the original sub contractors making .32 automatics for the French Army in WW II. These pistols were based on the 1903 Browning { with out Browning's permission but that's another story } . These were made in the hundred of thousands and are not rare but are a very nice piece of world history. Because it was French military issue, that is a plus, also by a known maker is another plus. A note of caution, there was very little quality control over these guns and even those made by Star have a bad reputation for breaking and throwing parts into the shooters face. They were used hard in the war and are close { 1914 to 1918} to a hundred years old. The quality of steel is suspect and it is best placed on the wall to tell lies about. You might try Numrich Gun Parts Corp. for parts, or a place called Jack First. Value, don't know, in excellent condition, maybe 300, down to 50 for a parts guns. Now I based this information on the limited information you provided . After the war these same pistols were sold under a number of different names such as Vesta { droping the Hijos). Best I can do. Others?
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2009
  4. binskyhere

    binskyhere Member

    Thanks for the info. It was my great uncles who was in WW II. He came back from the war, took it apart and left it in his basement until we found it a few years ago. I have his flag and a picture of him in uniform so they may look good together on my wall. Thanks again!

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