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870 Wingmaster Super Magnum?

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by Positrack, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. Positrack

    Positrack Well-Known Member

    Hello all! I've lurked on this forum for a long time, and I've been a member for a while, but this is my first post. Great board you have here BTW!

    My question involves the 870 (yes, I know it's an unusual topic...:D). I'd like to get a new 12ga. 870 Wingmaster Super Mag, but I've talked to several people and a couple dealers who say Remington doesn't make such an animal. However, Remington does list it on their website:


    and I've seen reference to it in several places including the 870 model history on Remington's site. According to the model history, it was introduced in 2000. However, the WM Super Mag is not listed under the 870 section; I only found the page via a link I found elsewhere. My question is this; does Remington still sell the WM Super Mag, and if so, has anybody had any experience with one? I've heard mixed opinions about the 870 Super Mag (something about a flimsy shield behind the bolt...?), and I'd love some first hand accounts if anyone would care to offer them. Any comments on the build quality of the new vs. old Wingmasters would be welcome as well, though I know that's been covered before. I know I can get an Express Super Mag for considerably less cash, but I really like the traditional look and construction of the WM, and the higher level of fit and finish appeals to me (not to say there is anything wrong with the Express, just MO). Maybe I'm old before my time, but I just can't bring myself to appreciate the look of matte finishes and plastic stocks despite their practicality (again, JMHO).

    I'm looking to buy new rather than used for the following reasons:
    -I have yet to find a decent gunshop within reasonable driving distance, and the few that are around have precious little in way of used inventory and less in the way of customer service.
    -I've had enough trouble finding a nice used WM Mag (3") period, and I imagine finding a used WM Super Mag would be like finding a virgin in a... well, you know.
    -I'm no gunsmith, and in the event of a problem, I don't know of a place I'd trust to work on it.
    -I have an uncanny knack for finding the one lemon in a pile of oranges, and don't want any hassles with a used gun.

    If Remington no longer makes the WM Super Mag, I'd probably look for a nice used WM Mag (3") despite the above reservations. However, I don't really have a huge problem spending a little more up front to get something decent. I'm the kind of person who will save up to buy quality stuff, take care of it, and keep it forever. I've still got most of the Craftsman tools my dad bought me for my 6th birthday. They are certainly well used by now, but they are still clean and functional.

    Also, yes, I realize I don't NEED a 3.5" 12 gauge, and I'm not absolutely set on getting one, but if I'm thinking of buying a new 870, I don't really see the drawback to getting it in a 3.5" chamber. It will still shoot the 2.75" light target loads just fine, but it'll be ready to roll if I want to tackle some high fliers. Plus, I guess I'm sort of a masochist, but I like popping off a few big shells every once in a while.

    I didn't realize it until I'd posted, but man, that got long! Sorry about the essay...
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2009
  2. PA4476

    PA4476 member

  3. Positrack

    Positrack Well-Known Member

    HOLY %&@#!!! Okay, now I look like an @$$. That's awesome man; thanks for the link. That's a real beauty. I've been Googling this for days w/ no luck; I spent considerable time on Guns America; I even spent some time searching Gun Brokers a couple days ago and had no luck. I've been searching the online inventory of every dealer I could find. I E-mailed Remington a week ago, but haven't heard back yet and I was getting itchy.

    What would you say is a fair retail price for a new one if I ordered it (MSRP is $768 per Rem. site)?
  4. Virginian

    Virginian Well-Known Member

    You can't order it, Remington is no longer making it. You better jump on that one if you have your heart set on a 3-1/2" Wingmaster. I have only ever seen one (1) myself.
    As an alternative, get a 3" and save up and buy good ammo. After the good stuff came out, I sold my 10 gauges.
    The new Wingmaster seem just as good as the old ones. I just prefer the older styling myself, but that's not the most important part.

    If it matters - don't use email.
  5. Positrack

    Positrack Well-Known Member

    Virginian, thanks very much for the info. I'm glad to finally know what the situation is. Out of curiosity, what do you mean by the new styling? Are you referring to the change from the old checkering style, or is there more to it (I'm no kind of 870 expert)? When did the styling change?

    What do you think of the "two-piece" bolt (dust cover/bolt assembly) on the 3.5 inchers? I've read elsewhere that that can cause trouble. I know; if you try, you can find someone who'll claim bowling balls are unreliable on the internet, but I am more concerned with longevity/total reliability than with chambering. Any other problems specific to the Super Mags?

    And yeah, I guess I should have just called Remington. They said they would respond within 2 to 3 days on the site, but I should have known better...
  6. Virginian

    Virginian Well-Known Member

    Checkering, impressed checkering, fancy, plain, rollmarked scrollwork on the receiver, no scrollwork; there have been numerous styling changes along the line. I like the pre-'79 1100s and 870s is all. The new 870s are a good step back styling wise in my opinion.
    I haven't really looked that close at the supermagnum, but I think what you have is a bolt and an add on dust cover behind it like you said, to close up the hole made by the larger ejection port. I believe you can operate the gun fine with it removed if I read correctly.
    I am not aware of any problems with Wingmasters. There have been posts about rough chambers on Expresses, but I would say that is likely a spotty QC issue, and easily corrected. As to Expresses rusting easily, I had one and hunted the salt marshes, and I didn't see where it rusted any worse than a blued or a Stalker BPS.

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