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Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by rde, Mar 25, 2004.

  1. rde

    rde Well-Known Member

    Just ordered a Smith & Wesson 908s from my local dealer today. Was wondering if anyone has one. If so..is it reliable, at least combat accurate to 15 yards or so, and ... do you like it?

    Ordered it 'cuz I wanted a smallish single stack 9mm that is cost effective to replace/compensate for a Baby Eagle in 45 that does not feed well and is frustrating me.....ok...now, I know it is one heck of a stretch to go from an all steel double stack almost full size 45 that probably only needs the feed ramp polished (which I don't know how to do)...to a......compact single stack 9. But...it is the best I can do for an excuse right now. (LOL).
  2. hansolo

    hansolo Member In Memoriam

    S&W 908s

    I have a 910s.....the double stack version with a slightly longer Bbl.: I've had it over a year. Your mileage may vary, but mine has been 100% reliable...I'm talkin' ZERO malfunctions from the first magazine. I have tried to make it gag with "cocktail" magazines made up of JHP, Winchester BEB,
    S&B, etc.-----bang, bang, bang, etc. And, the trigger reset is so short as to be negligable....I can fire it as fast as I can squeeze. Accuracy will depend
    on your talent....I would prefer the Novack sights that are on the higher priced S&W's, but the ones you'll get are sufficient. It is very confidence inspiring to have a semi that is totally reliable after thousands of rounds of all different types of ammo.....good choice, IMHO.
  3. gp59

    gp59 Guest

    I have the m457 .45cal, which is the same size gun as the 908 but in .45. It has been flawless, eats anything and is not hard on the hand as far as recoil goes. my next gun will be eather a 908 or a 457 depending on whats available. but Im hoping for the 908. then that would give me a 9mm,.40 and a .45. good luck.

    :cool: :cool: :cool:
  4. mlk18

    mlk18 Well-Known Member

    I used to have an early model two-tone S&W 908, very nice gun. As accurate and reliable as any compact 9mm out there (P239, G26, K9, etc.) but generally much less expensive. It was a soft shooter and I never had any concerns about carrying it as my primary ccw. Magazines for any of the 39xx series will work, as will a lot of holsters, making it very easy and cheap to accessorize. CDNN has demo mags for like $16 each. I carry a 3914 now which is the non-value version of the blued 908. Both are fine weapons that are WAY underrated.

  5. fastbolt

    fastbolt Well-Known Member

    I have one of the later production 3913's ...

    It's a very popular pistol with folks familiar with metal-framed, single column magazine 9mm pistols. Mine, and a couple of 3913's owned by other instructors, have been as reliable as you could ever desire ...

    If I didn't already own the one I have, and didn't want to spend the extra money for a TSW version ... I wouldn't hesitate to buy a 908S. Your 908S is going to be "better" finished than my older 3913, which was made back before S&W had switched over to the more precise CNC production methods.

    Enjoy your new pistol.

    The only thing that really enhances the excellent grip ergonomics of the 3913/14/908 grip frame is a set of Hogue rubber grips. Just read the instructions and use reasonable care & attention when installing them, to avoid any unintentional pressure being exerted against the underside of the pistol's sideplate.


    PCRCCW Well-Known Member

    Great gun for the money.......the only thing I dont like about the "cheaper line of 3rd gen S&W autos" is the plastic sights. Other than that it will run and run and run.........
    Nice gun.

    Shoot well.
  7. flinch

    flinch Well-Known Member

    I too swear by my 908.
    Fastbolt is correct, I was not a fan of Hogue grips BUT if ever they were made to enhance the grip and feel of a gun this is THE gun. Get some Hogues and you will have the best compact 9mm made. Nobody does it better, nobody.

    That is my opinion I could be wrong.
  8. rde

    rde Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the replies. Sounds like it will be a winner. Won't be here until Monday or Tuesday so...anticipation. My FFL recommended it saying it is one of the best "sleepers" he has ever seen....though he didn't have it in stock. Sounds like he might know a few things. :)
  9. Marcus

    Marcus Well-Known Member

    Great little guns. I have one of it`s cousins,a 4053. Light and easy to carry but easy to shoot well too. Very slim,great IWB guns. The Hogue grips do improve the feel *but* they also increase the thickness of the grip a good deal (like a 1/4"). I took them off my 1006 for this reason. Marcus

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