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9mm basics on reloading

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Zois, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. Zois

    Zois Member


    1. Im not from US so excuse my bad english.

    I would like to know if enyone has any data on loading 9mm rounds with bullets that are not FMJ but are made of lead and the copper is put on them with the layer of 120 microns (http://www.rebec.si/si/page/detail/gitm/968/mode/window/cmd/bigimage/).
    The gunpowder that is possible to get here is (i think i pronounce it right) is whitavuri N310, N320, N340 and CCI primers.
    The barrel is 5 inch STI Edge.

    Thank you for replying
  2. Nate1778

    Nate1778 Well-Known Member

    I would have to look when I got home, what weight bullet are we talking (124 like in the pic)?
  3. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    I believe from the bullet description it is an electroplated bullet similar to our Ranier & Berry brands.

    As such you want to use mid-level jacketed bullet data.

    Of the powders you listed, N340 would probably be the best choice.
    Probably about 4.5 grains.

  4. Zois

    Zois Member

    Right. It is 124 gr.
    Yes its electroplated, you see the price of these bullets is 31.5 euro for a package of 500. If You buy over 5000 you get the price 28-29 euros per package of 500. I had the oppurtunity of shooting ammonition with these bullets and in the end rhe resault was superb.
    Thanks for the data and come visit us in Slovenia.
  5. lykoris

    lykoris Well-Known Member

    pricing isn't great for 5k

    try Frontier bullets (South African)

    N330 is powder made for 9mm by Vihtavuori.

    best thing is to experiment with all of them to see what you like
  6. lykoris

    lykoris Well-Known Member

    the prices are v. expensive in looking at that rebec.si site

    I thought things were supposed to be cheap in Eastern Europe :confused:

    how come you guys are paying EUR350 for an SKS or even EUR700 for a British L1A1 :confused:

    even the colt M4 is EUR673 :what:
  7. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

    N320 for light 9MM loads, N330 for most loads, N340 to push it a bit harder, and 3N37 to push it really hard.

    Since they are plated bullets, N320, N330, & N340 will do all you need.

    I run plated bullets at 100% of jacketed data with no problems. Start in the middle and work up carefully. :)
  8. Zois

    Zois Member

    Well first you should know that we have about 6 gunstores and none of them have so many weapons on stock that rebec has. Here we still have low prices comparing to Germany. Things here are very difrent, ovning a weapon is more a priveleg than right. There are tests and the state checks you out quite a lot before you can buy a firearm. about 25 yrs ago you did not have any chances tu buy a firearm if you were not a member of the party and even than it was hard.
  9. Zois

    Zois Member




    I took the liberty to write sites of these stores. other stores dont have web pages.

    We dont have it so bad. Lets see i paid for a Tanfoglio limited 1200 eur. A friend from Croatia said that they cost about 2K there because there is a special tax on higher cost weapons.
  10. 1SOW

    1SOW Well-Known Member

    That is likely to happen here before too long.
  11. Ol` Joe

    Ol` Joe Well-Known Member

  12. Nakita

    Nakita New Member

    Hi everyone ,

    I all so have a box of Frontier CMJ CAST 9mmP 124gr RN from the local gun shop , but since these bullets are not the same as my other bullets like CP & Prvi partizan, i don't know witch data loads i could try from Vihtavuori . I have tried N320 4 grain in a CBC magtech case but the results were not good on 27 yards with the H&K P30L.

    Anyone got an good tips or recipes.

    I only have N105 ,N320 & N340 from Vihthavuori & bullets Frontier CMJ CAST 9mmP 124gr RN. (nb N105 i only use fore the .44Mag .)
  13. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

    Vihthavuori Data from 95 second edition.

    124 Gr LSWC N320 3.5 Grs to 4.1 Grs for 1055 to 1136 FPS

    124 Gr :SWC N330 4.3 Grs to 4.9 Grs for 1113 to 1183 FPS

    124 Gr LSWC N340 4.5 Grs to 5.2 Grs for 1112 to 1224 FPS

    Loaded at 1.142 O.A.L. shot from a 4" barrel

    Welcome to THR
  14. Nate1778

    Nate1778 Well-Known Member

    Lee's reloading manual calls for

    124 plated bullet

    v-n320 3.8g 1.142col 1017fps max load 4.2 1086fps
    v-n340 4.7g 1.142col 1096fps max load 5.3 1171fps

    124 g lead

    I am showing the same above for the plated they do add

    v-n330 4.5g 1.142col 1142fps max load 4.9 1186fps
    v-n350 5.1g " " "" "" 1148fps max load 5.6 1205fps

    sorry for the delay I hope it helps.
  15. Afy

    Afy Well-Known Member

    I am using 4.1 grains of N-320 under a 124 grain FMJ. I get decent results out of my Cz 75.

    Lykoris: Stuff is expensive in Europe Eastern and Western. Want to pay 500 euro's for a Mosin?
  16. Nakita

    Nakita New Member

    Thanks you guys for the loading data . I'll try some mild loads of N340 starting from 4.5 grain and then work up .
  17. Nakita

    Nakita New Member

    I have some reload data's for the Frontier CMJ CAST 9mmP 124gr RN with Vihtavuori powder. This data i got from Frontier Bullets Email Service

    This data is for a 9mm Luger (9x19)

    Vihtavuori Powder: N320 Start - 3.4gr
    Max - 4gr
    N330 Start - 4.3gr
    Max - 4.9gr
    N340 Start - 4.5gr
    Max - 5.1gr
    N350 Start - 4.9gr
    Max - 5.7gr
  18. RidgwayCO

    RidgwayCO Well-Known Member

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