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A 1953 16ga model 37

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by drcook, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. drcook

    drcook Well-Known Member

    Well I found a 1953 model 37 16ga on gunbroker. I was specifically buying it for the magazine nut. It has a polychoke barrel on it and had a cruddy looking recoil pad (notice the had).

    Well this turns out to be one of the proverbial blind pigs gets an ear of corn sometimes story.

    Yes the stock was cut, no the barrel ser nbr doesn't match the receiver, but yes it has been professionally fitted.

    The absolutely best part ? It will fit my wife perfectly. With the recoil pad off, the length of pull will be just perfect once I add a butt plate back on. The barrel length is the same as the youth model 1100 20 gauge I bought her. The weight is actually a couple ounces less than the 1100.

    With the polychoke being able to be adjusted up to "extra-full" this is going to be her turkey gun. I will have to refinish the buttstock and get the barrel blued, BUT the receiver is pristine, the action is super tight. I might just get a bottle/tube of a good cold blue.

    I measured the action and I think I will be able to adapt a B-Square saddle mount to mount a scope. I WILL NOT drill and tap this old action. I will have to make a spacer for the top. I fiddled while Rome burned and let an old style (new old stock) B-Square Ithaca scope mount get away from me for 25.00 on eBay the other day. If you snooze you lose.

    I was going to strip it down for parts. I bought a late model receiver. It is actually brand new ! I was going to swap the parts over so that I could build myself a gun with a late model barrel from Ithaca seeing as they wanted too much to customize a foreend for me. I just decided to build a gun and buy the barrel.

    I am going to steal the magazine nut to put on my 1949 solid rib gun. It will be all the way back to what it should be then. Now I am going to have to look for another parts gun. There is one on gunbroker but the guy is smoking crack and wants 200.00 for an action with no barrel or buttstock. Sort of like the guy here in Ohio wanting 690.00 for a run of the mill 16ga gun. Crack went and damaged their brains I think.

    If anyone has the entire set internals, foreend slide and mag tube that they want to part with for a reasonable amount let me know.

    If you can't tell from all my posts lately, I suffer from gunnerhea. I don't drink, smoke or chase women. Guns are my bad habit. Been that way since I was a child. I can work on them a little at a time and put them down until I get going again. I got hurt really bad and can't golf, throw a ball, go bowling, ski, do a lot of things that the rest of you can do, but I can still work on these old guns (within reason). These old shotguns and BPCR rifles give me a hobby that I can do.

    I ONLY PAID $157.00 for this gun !!!! I had to stick it on a credit card but I just couldn't let this one get away. My wife has been really good with letting me restore that other one that I have been posting about. I learned a long time ago, that if I want to continue my addiction, get my wife involved in it. She wants to go turkey hunting with me, so this is the perfect opportunity to build her up a really nice shotgun that will be just hers ! Over the last few years she took care of me with the different surgeries and such, that I try and make/build/get things that are just hers. She is my shooting partner in BPCR, my spotter, my hunting partner.

    Here is the gun next to my wife's youth model 20ga Remington 1100. As you can see, it is sized just perfect.





  2. chas08

    chas08 Well-Known Member

    I have a 1957 Model 37 in 16 ga with a 28" fixed modified choke barrel. It has quickly moved up the ranks to become my most favorite pump! I couldn't have passed up that price either! I paid $200 for mine! Enjoy yours!
  3. drcook

    drcook Well-Known Member

    I also have a 1956, a 1949 solid rib barrel (has an extra King Ferry vent rib, interchangeable choke tube barrel fitted to it), a 1952 and the 1948 I am restoring from a clunker.

    the 56 is choked mod
    the 52 full
    th 49 full and interchangeable chokes on the extra barrel
    the 48 mod

    all are 16ga guns

    I just bought a receiver, new old stock, made in the 70's, that I am going to build a gun from. I am going to get a donor, tear it apart, sell the barrel on eBay and assemble a gun that will use a barrel from Ithaca here in Ohio on a frame that will fit me

    also a 16ga

    I have a couple Ithaca 37 12ga's, but the 16's are such a joy to carry.
  4. Loc n Load

    Loc n Load Well-Known Member

    16 ga. 37

    You got a deal, the poly choke is a "sign of the times" for field guns of that era. The 16 ga. is one of my all time favorite bore sizes, Ballistic products can provide you with any load or components you want for your 16 ga. 37.....good shooting.

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