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A big Thank You to our Veterans today

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by qajaq59, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. qajaq59

    qajaq59 Well-Known Member

    I'd just like to offer a THANK YOU to all the veterans out there.
  2. lordgroom

    lordgroom Well-Known Member

    I second that!
  3. Shung

    Shung Well-Known Member

    November 11

    A respectfull salute to all the soldiers (including americans) who fought in the trenches 90 years ago ! This is a commemorative day.

    I have a Italian great grandfather who emigrated in the US in 1910's and came back to fight with the American troops. He was decorated. He then died in a mine in Wisconsin, in the 20's.
  4. JWarren

    JWarren Well-Known Member

    My thanks as well.

    -- John
  5. LGswift

    LGswift Well-Known Member

    My grandfather had dual citizenship, was an inch too short for service in the Canadian Corp so he enlisted in the US army (second world war).

    Rememberance day in Canada this year should be good, everyone take a moment at 11 to remember all the kids my age who never made it back from a foreign battlefield.

    Pte. McDonald
  6. Starship1st

    Starship1st Well-Known Member

    I am putting out my flag right now to show honor and respect. I am also proud to be veteren :cool:
  7. TCB in TN

    TCB in TN Well-Known Member

    My thanks to all who served!
  8. Ala Dan

    Ala Dan Member in memoriam


    To All Who Have Served, In The Service Of Our Great Country

    Especially the forgotten veterans of the Viet-Nam War~!
  9. MikePGS

    MikePGS Well-Known Member

    Happy Veterans Day to all of our brave men and women who have served this country.
  10. Water-Man

    Water-Man Well-Known Member

    Ala Dan...Thanks for mentioning Nam.
  11. jaholder1971

    jaholder1971 Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately it's so cold, wet and raining here in Kansas ceremonies are getting cancelled or postponed.

    In Emporia, where the first Veteran's Day idea was realized and made a holiday, today's parade's been cancelled due to thunderstorms.

    In Hutchinson, the B-17 they brought in for a flyby and plane rides is grounded due to weather.
  12. rforgy

    rforgy Member

    Remember our Veterans today

  13. foghornl

    foghornl Well-Known Member


    We owe more to our Veterans than can ever be paid.

    Big sweeping tip of the hat, a firm handshake, and a heartfelt "THANK YOU!" to all that have served, or are now In Harm's Way protecting us and our way of life.

    And a long moment of very reverent silence for those that gave all, or otherwise are no longer among us.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2008
  14. SoCalShooter

    SoCalShooter Well-Known Member

    Agreed, to bad I have to work today, this should be a day off.
  15. alsaqr

    alsaqr Well-Known Member

    God Bless all veterans, especially those who fought in WWII and kept this country free.
  16. TomcatPC

    TomcatPC Well-Known Member

    Have a good Armistice/Remembrance Day.

    Thank you for making this post. I'm not sure how many people know what 11 November is anymore, other than us Veterans? There are times I think the only people who care about Veterans are us Veterans, hope I'm wrong.

    I have got to be one of the few people of 37 who call today Armistice Day. My parents were from the WWII Generation and I always heard them call today Armistice Day, so I still do.

    In the three generations that the part of family I'm with came to the US from England, most of the men have Served, including me also. None of us have died whilst Serving the U.S.

    From what I could find out so far, I'm fairly certain that I have had family members give their lives for England. My Dad has mentioned having an ancestor who was an officer during the Boer War as well. In light of that, I'd like to say to any members of this board from the British Commonwealth nations to have a good Remembrance Day as well.

    Here is a photo of my Dad taken before going to the Pacific in 1944, and a photo of Dad and I at Memorial Day Ceremony in 2002.


    Thank You
  17. foghornl

    foghornl Well-Known Member

    It didn't really fit in with the spirit of my earlier post, so I'll put it here: To those that disparage our fine Men & Women that rise each and every day by picking up the gauntlet of defending freedom, I have nothing for you except for endless raging contempt....and an open invitation to live somewhere else.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2008
  18. f4t9r

    f4t9r Well-Known Member

    Good Thread. I also Thank You !!!
  19. MT GUNNY

    MT GUNNY Well-Known Member

    I say Thanks to all that have fought for my Freedom! and am Proud to have served myself.

    see first sig link \/
  20. Cheaterslick67

    Cheaterslick67 New Member

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