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a bouncing baby...eerrr Smith 15-5...proud new daddy :)

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by kmrcstintn, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. kmrcstintn

    kmrcstintn Well-Known Member

    I just won an auction at gunbroker on a very well refinished Smith & Wesson 15-5; 4" barrel, adjustable rear sight, ? matter blue finish on frame ?; ? matte hard chrome finish on cylinder, ejector rod, and cylinder release ?; case hardened on trigger and hammer; Pachmayr Presentation grips; seller claims the gun has tight lockup...I'll soon find out :scrutiny:


    whadda y'all think...did I do good?!?
  2. Will5A1

    Will5A1 Well-Known Member

    As long as it is as described by the seller you did fine, that will make a good shooter and/or "work" gun, and Model 15's have, generally speaking, great DA pulls and are very accurate.
  3. kmrcstintn

    kmrcstintn Well-Known Member

    WOW! guess because it isn't a brightly blued revolver with nicely done wood nobody likes it...too bad...:eek:

    I found out that it is redone in DuraCoat and Parkerized which makes it nice and durable and that is the way I want it since it most likely will be spending time in and out of my vehicle
  4. Jim March

    Jim March Well-Known Member

    At that price? Kickin' deal. Likely well maintained, odds are you'll find the action tight and right.

    Whoever refinished it dropped the "collector value". It's a shooter, and likely a very good one. 38Spl ammo is getting better all the time - from that barrel length, there's all sorts of effective choices. Buffbore's new 158 standard pressure should top 925fps from that length tube, or try the Speer 135+Ps.

    Only reason I wouldn't buy it is, I like roundbutts...but that might BE a roundbutt under those grips, I believe Pachmayr made a squarebutt conversion grip and I *think* that's a Pach?

    In any case...pre-lock, hammer block Smiths ain't bein' made no more. Fine guns.
  5. kmrcstintn

    kmrcstintn Well-Known Member

    I spoke with the gentleman on the phone yesterday and he assured me that the bore and cylinders were in great condition and that the timing and action were good as well;

    the previous owner had it parkerized and then duracoated to increase the resistance to moisture since it was sitting in the drawer in his shop and developed a light surface rust (no penetration into the metal); I simply want a revolver to keep loaded around the house and for occasional recreational shooting;

    I'm a bit of a traditionalist and will use Federal Nyclad 158 gr lswchp .38 spl +p in it (merely a nylon coated FBI load) and I will practice with the Remington version since the Federal stuff is out of production

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